Literature in Region: Eastern North Carolina

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"Unpainted Aristocracy", The1978Bishir, Catherine Ward
101 Borden Street20039781591295389Walker, Susan Eileen
101 Glimpses of Nags Head20099781596296077Downing, Sarah
27 Views of Wilmington20159780989609234Rivenbark, Celia
50 Poems20049781413737660Hammonds, Barbara
About Turtles and Things -- Near Fort Caswell1965
According to Tim20139781938527104Whealton, Tim
Acorn Plan, The19880393025950McLaurin, Tim
Across the Cotton Patch1935Credle, Ellis
Adeline Desmond1863Cobb, Darius
Adventuring1923Tupper, Tristram
African American Music Trails of Eastern North Carolina, The20139781469610795Bryan, Sarah Luisa;
Patterson, Beverly Bush
After Sherman's March2007Weil, Emily Newman
Airlie20019780971711204Block, Susan Taylor
Albemarle Annals1961Ware, Charles Crossfield
Alex Charles: The Evening Oak20109780982694510Reynolds, Kim
All the Kingdoms of Earth1956Norris, Hoke Marion
Along the Cape Fear19989780738567402Block, Susan Taylor
Along Freedom Road19949780807844373Cecelski, David S.
Altered Environments20109781570039232Pompe, Jeffrey J.;
Pompe, Kathleen
Amethyst Dreams19979780449226186Whitney, Phyllis Ayame
An Abbreviated Sketch: Colonial Brunswick and Wilmington2000Wyche, Blonnie Bunn
An Account of the Cape Fear Country, 17311922Meredith, Hugh
An American Trilogy20099780306814754Wise, Steven M.
An Ever-Fixed Mark20079781424141067Strunk, Jr., Orlo C.
An Historical Sketch of Camden County1962Pugh, Jesse Forbes
An Illustrated Guide to the Benthic Marine Algae of Coastal North Carolina19809780807840634Kapraun, Donald F.
An Independent Spirit20029781928556350Smith, Donna Campbell
An Inventory of the Natural Areas of Dare County, North Carolina2014Sorrie, Bruce A.
An Inventory of the Natural Areas of Tyrrell County, North Carolina2014Sorrie, Bruce A.
An Inventory of Significant Natural Areas in Johnston County, North Carolina2001LeGrand Jr., Harry E.
An Inventory of the Significant Natural Areas of Harnett County, North Carolina2007Sorrie, Bruce A.
An Inventory of the Significant Natural Areas of Hoke County, North Carolina2004Sorrie, Bruce A.
An Inventory of Significant Natural Areas of Robeson County, North Carolina2009LeGrand Jr., Harry E.
An Inventory of Significant Natural Areas of Scotland County, North Carolina2005LeGrand Jr., Harry E.
An Outer Banks Reader19989780807847268Stick, David
Anchor, The20031889199052Wyche, Blonnie Bunn
Ancient Maritime Village of Murfreesborough, 1787-1825, The1969Parramore, Thomas C.
And Deliver Us from Evil20059780974773520Alston, E. B.
Aniratak20079780595469253Taylor, Joyce Marie
Annals of Progress: The Story of Lenoir County and Kinston, North Carolina1963Powell, William Stevens
Another Son of Man20049781878086969McLaurin, Tim
Archaeology at Colonial Brunswick20109780865263437South, Stanley A.
Archeology of Coastal North Carolina, The1958Haag, William George
Armadillo20039781881515548March, Stephen
Art of Keeping Secrets, The20089780451223951Henry, Patti Callahan
As We Were1935Cotten, Bruce
Ash Wednesday Storm, March 7, 1962, The1987Stick, David
Ashley Jordan's Secret2006
At First Sight20059780446532426Sparks, Nicholas
Augustus: Narrative of a Slave Woman20109781935514077Greene, Robin
Aunt Flora1953Coatsworth, Elizabeth Jane
Aunt Mag's Recipe Book20049780975591000Booth, Carolyn Rawls
Autumn Seclusion20079781412040440Ferrell, Andrea
Aycock Brown's Outer Banks19769780915442188Brown, Aycock;
Stick, David
B.O.Q.20149780895876164Simpson, N. P.
Backgrounds and Preparations for the Roanoke Voyages, 1584-159019869780865262089Humber, John L.
Backstage at the Lost Colony20189780692083970Walls, Jr., Dwayne Estes
Bald Head19859781892444103Stick, David
Ballad of Belle Dorcas, The19900394846451Hooks, William Harris
Bandeaux Creek20059780975591031Booth, Carolyn Rawls
Baptism, The20071416906711Moses, Sheila P.
Barefoot Beaches20039781410711885DeGroot, Jacqueline
Basil, the Page1908Whitham, Grace I.
Bath: The First Town in North Carolina20059780865263185Watson, Alan Douglas
Battle for North Carolina, The20081439200610Hester, Robert W.
Battle for North Carolina's Coast, The20119780807834862Riggs, Stanley R.
Battle of Averasboro, The1965Fowler, Malcolm
Beach Trip20099780345505996Holton, Cathy
Beachcomber20039780743453486Robards, Karen
Beaufort County, North Carolina20009780738506616Van Camp, Louis
Beaufort, North Carolina20029780738523637Wilson, Mamré Marsh
Beaufort's Old Burying Ground, North Carolina19999780738500188Collins, Marilyn Harris;
Hardy, Diane;
Wilson, Mamré Marsh
Becalmed20139781938499616Fischer, Normandie
Beckett's Cinderella20029780373764532Browning, Dixie Burrus
Beckett's Convenient Bride20039780373764846Browning, Dixie Burrus
Bedeviled19959780451404565Browning, Dixie Burrus
Before the Storm1982Godschalk, David R.
Before the Storm20089780778325413Chamberlain, Diane
Begin Again, Quinn20089780970719751Dodd, Karen E.
Behind the Drive20159780986119101Sneed, Brandon
Behind the Veil20069781593090630Perkins, Suzetta
Beholden19989780451407498Browning, Dixie Burrus
Belles & Blooms20049780967041032Block, Susan Taylor
Bend in the Road, A20019780446527781Sparks, Nicholas
Bender Legacy, The20119780615474588Waters, Jimmy Cherokee
Bertha the Beauty1872Whittlesey, Sarah Johnson Cogswell
Bertie1851Throop, George Higby
Bertie at War2004Thompson, Harry Lewis
Bertie County19989780865261945Watson, Alan Douglas
Bertie County: An Eastern Carolina History20029780738523958Smallwood, Arwin D.
Bertie Folklore1999Thompson, Harry Lewis
Bertie in Blue1998Thomas, Gerald Worth
Bertie Revisited2000Thompson, Harry Lewis
Besieged20179780786039517Tata, Anthony J.
Best of All, The1976Barbour, Ruth Peeling
Best of Me, The20119780446547659Sparks, Nicholas
Betsy Dowdy's Ride1960Wechter, Carolyn Wise
Between the Rivers20019781928556299Booth, Carolyn Rawls
Beyond Borders20069781424310203Glander, Don
Big Beautiful, The2007385338384Duncan, Pamela Y.
Big Cypress Buck1957Johnson, James Ralph
Big End of the Horn1956Canaday, Julia
Big Foot, the Guide; or, The Surveyors1866Clark, Charles Dunning
Big-Enough Boat1956Phillips, Dorothy Evans
Biography of John Randolph of Roanoke, A1844Sawyer, Lemuel
Biological Inventory of Dismal Swamp State Natural Area, North Carolina1994LeGrand Jr., Harry E.
Birder’s Guide to Coastal North Carolina, A19949780807844533Fussell, John O.
Birth of Aviation, Kitty Hawk, N.C, The1953Brown, Aycock
Bite of the Apple, A20109781452042961Vaughn, Edward
Bittern Point1926Macfadyen, Virginia
Black Homer of Jimtown, The1900Mott, Edward Harold
Blackbeard1847Barker, Benjamin
Blackbeard and Other Pirates of the Atlantic Coast1993Roberts-Brown, Nancy Correll
Blackbeard, the Pirate19749780895870322Lee, Robert Earl
Blackbeard, the Pirate King20069780792255857Lewis, J. Patrick
Blackbeard, Raider of the Carolina Seas1964Barbour, Ruth Peeling
Blackbeard: The Fiercest Pirate of All1975Pendered, Norman C.
Blackbeard: The Real Pirate of the Caribbean20069781560258858Parry, Dan
Blackbeard's Cat1999Roberts-Brown, Nancy Correll
Blackbeard's Cup and Stories of the Outer Banks19899780895870704Whedbee, Charles Harry
Block Castle20049781413704204Weber, Robert C.
Blood Games19919780525933694Bledsoe, Jerry
Blood of Saints, The20099780971287518Spence, Keith
Blood Rains20099781608604555Harvey, Wyatt
Bloodlines of Shackleford Banks20049780895872920Mountford, Elizabeth Josephine
Blounts of Pitt County, North Carolina1978Green, Charles Sylvester
Blue Heron Marsh20079780595458226Quinn, Douglas
Blues from Down Deep20049780758200105Johnson-Acsadi, Gwynne
Bonnie Blue Sweetheart1959Barbour, Ruth Peeling
Bonnie New World: The Adventures of Jimmie Holland of the Carolina Colony, The1957Russell, Nellie Holland
Book of Wilmington, The1930Howell, Andrew Jackson, Jr.
Born Southern and Restless19969780820702759Meads, Kathy Ann
Bottle Chapel at Airlie Gardens, The20089780979140365Block, Susan Taylor;
Wharton, Fred
Bound by Honor19849780671497811Tucker, Helen Beckwith
Bragg20069781418489403Singley, William P.
Breathing20099780670011230Herbsman, Cheryl Renèe
Bride of a Thousand Cedars1939Lancaster, Bruce
Bridge Tender, The20149780310338406Whalen, Marybeth
Brief History of Artists in Eastern North Carolina, A20179780692943151Derby, Jon;
Lentz, Lisa Bisbee;
Watford, Ben Alden
Briefe and True Report on the New Found Land of Virginia, A1588Harriot, Thomas
Bring Me Duck: Folk Tales and Anecdotes from Duck, N.C.19869780961634407Tate, Suzanne
Broken Acres19719780910244602Beaman, Joyce Proctor
Broken Sword, The19019781407772646Worthington, Dennis
Buckskin Brigade1947Kjelgaard, James Arthur
Builders and Architecture of Historic Murfreesboro, North Carolina, The20039780972748001Jones, Alice Eley
Building a Solid Foundation20079780977953424Cline, Ned
Callie and the Dealer and a Dog Named Jake20019781892343154Mills, Wendy Howell
Calypso20189780316392389Sedaris, David
Camden County1952Pugh, Jesse Forbes
Camden: A Tale of the South1830McClung, John Alexander
Camp Follower20089780978526542
Camp Follower20089780978526542Adair, Suzanne;
Williams, Suzanne
Cape Fear20069780738524849Block, Susan Taylor
Cape Fear and Other Poems1958
Cape Fear Beaches20009780738505787Block, Susan Taylor
Cape Fear Lost19999780738501925Block, Susan Taylor
Cape Fear Murders20039781928556411Canada, Wanda
Cape Fear Rising19949780895871084Gerard, Philip
Cape Hatteras20089780595492183Lloyd, Keith Warren
Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, The19919780807843192Carr, Dawson
Cape Hatteras National Seashore20159781467123075Stover, Douglas E.
Cape Hatteras Seashore, The1964Stick, David
Cape Hatteras: America's Lighthouse19999781581820324Roberts, Bruce Stuart;
Shelton-Roberts, Cheryl
Cap'n Charlie and Lights of the Lower Cape Fear1967Herring, Ethel
Captain James Wimble1969Cumming, William Patterson
Captain's Bride, The1864Herrington, William D.
Captured in the Caribbean20159780986325212Whitford, Sara
Carolina1949Gifford, James Noble
Carolina Beach20079780738544236Henson, Elaine Blackmon
Carolina Beach20129780738592367Wheatley, Lois Carol
Carolina Comfort20009781884778858Dodd, Karen E.
Carolina Comfort II20069780970719720Dodd, Karen E.
Carolina Corsair1955Tracy, Donald Fiske
Carolina Girl20139780425251225Kantra, Virginia
Carolina Home20129780425250938Kantra, Virginia
Carolina Moon19969781565121362McCorkle, Jill Collins
Carolina Shout!1985Stephenson, Shelby
Carolina Watermen, The19939780895871046Kelly, Barbara;
Kelly, Richard Michael
Carolina Yacht Club Sketches1976Russell, Anne
Carteret County19999780738502687Eubanks, Frances;
Salsi, Lynn
Carteret County20079780738544489Jenkins, Kevin W.;
Sadler, Linda
Carteret County Down East with Photographs20009780738506296Lewis, Jr., Reginald Worth
Carteret County, North Carolina: History & Folklore20089781596294783Paul, Grayden;
Paul, Mary
Carteret County: Economic and Social1926Lay, Henry Champlin;
Lefferts, Aleeze;
Lewis, Clifford Whitefield
Castle Island Ships' Graveyard, The20069780974193755Richards, Nathan
Cate of the Lost Colony20109781599905075Klein, Lisa M.
Caterpillar Summer20199781526606266McDunn, Gillian
Caxton's Book: A Collection of Essays, Poems, Tales and Sketches1876Rhodes, William Henry
Cecilia's Harvest20099780978526566Wyche, Blonnie Bunn
Celia20069781425924683O'Donoghue, Patti
Celia Whitfield's Boy20129781938101106Thompson, Bill
Cemetery Kids2013978467578646DeGroot, Jacqueline
Character Factory, The1996Block, Susan Taylor
Child of the South20099780425226025Scott, Joanna Catherine
Child's Play20119780982994665Wallis, Deborah
Choice, The2007446579920Sparks, Nicholas
Chosen Few, A20089781597150521Booth, Carolyn Rawls
Chowan Beach20069781596291645Stephenson, Jr., E. Frank
Chowan College20049780738516387Stephenson, Jr., E. Frank
Christmas Wedding20079780975540466Hunter, Ellen Elizabeth
Christoph von Graffenried's Account of the Founding of New Bern1920Graffenried, Christoph von
Church Bell, The1963Ware, Charles Crossfield
Circa 19032019Tise, Larry E.
Civil War in Chowan County, North Carolina, The1916Dillard, Richard
Civil War in Coastal North Carolina, The20019780865262973Carbone, John Stephen
Clayton20089780738567433Baumgartner, Pamela Lipscomb;
Johnson, K. Todd
Climax20019780759627543DeGroot, Jacqueline
Coast Guard Base Elizabeth City20059780738518367The Air Station Elizabeth City Wardroom,
Coastal Carolinas Tales and Truths19969780937866566Carter, Walter Horace
Coastal Carolina Cooking19869780807841525Davis, Nancy;
Hart, Kathy
Coastal Fishing in the Carolinas19869780895870506Goldstein, Robert Jay
Coastal North Carolina20049781561642984Zepke, Terrance
Coastal Plain and Fancy: The Historic Architecture of Lenoir County and Kinston, North Carolina19989780966831900Little-Stokes, Margaret Ruth
Coastal Plain of North Carolina, The1912Clark, William Bullock;
Miller, Benjamin LeRoy
Coastal Plains Christians1964Ware, Charles Crossfield
Coastal Summons20139781612186900Thomas, Katrina
Coastal Waters20009781928556183Taylor, Scott
Coasts of Carolina, The20109780807834398Simpson, Bland;
Taylor, Scott
Coat of Many Colors, A20069780813124056Conser, Jr., Walter H.
Collett Leventhorpe: The English Confederate20069780786426492Cole, J. Timothy;
Foley, Bradley R.
Colonial Bath and Pamlico Section1939Bonner, Lottie Hale
Columbia on the Scuppernong20089780964339675McNaughton, Marimar
Columbus County, North Carolina1946Rogers, James A.
Coming Up For Air20129780373796861Foley, Karen
Confederate Goliath19919780807131527Gragg, Rod
Conjure Woman, The1899Chesnutt, Charles Waddell
Cornwallis Campaign20109780615337159Weil, Emily Newman
Cotten Family of North Carolina, The1963Cotten, Bruce
County Government and County Affairs in Edgecombe County, N.C.1925Wager, Paul Woodford
Courage1938Pridgen, Tim
Cracker the Crab and the Sideways Afternoon20039780972556002Cogdill, Michael
Crackerjack Pony, The1969Burgwyn, Mebane Holoman
Cradle of the Colony1967Parramore, Thomas C.
Crafting Lives20139781469608754Bishir, Catherine Ward
Craven County20019780738506746Eubanks, Frances;
Salsi, Lynn
Croatan1923Johnston, Mary
Croatans: The Lost Colony of America1895Melton, Frances Jones
Crow20129780375869280Wright, Barbara
Crown of Life: History of Christ Church New Bern, N. C., 1715-194019409780365679806Carraway, Gertrude Sprague
Cruise of the Snap Dragon19769780910244886Barbour, Ruth Peeling
Cruising Guide to Coastal North Carolina19839780895870339Young, Claiborne Sellars
Crusoe's Island20009781928556046Miller, Heather Ross
Crystal Coast, The20009780738506562Eubanks, Frances;
Salsi, Lynn
CSS Ram Albemarle2009Thompson, Harry Lewis
Cult, The20081934992011James, Maddie
Cumberland County19999780738502700Powell, Joey
Cumberland County: A Brief History19909780865262430Parker, Jr., Roy
Curious Experience with the Tombstone of a Pirate, A1857Dillard, Richard
Currituck20089781596294974Morris, Travis
Currituck As It Used to Be20119781609495084Morris, Travis
Currituck County20129780738592756Jennings, A. Burgess
Currituck Memories and Adventures20079781596293052Morris, Travis
Curse, The20070979572169James, Maddie
Curse Breakers, The20149781480597969Swank, Denise Grover
Daisy Canfield19739780671784096Haas, Benjamin Leopold
Dance on Widows' Row, The2000Williams, Samuel Arthur
Dangerous Birds19929781558215146Lembke, Janet
Dangerous Reunion20119780373444519Robbins, Sandra
Dare1965Farmer, Philip José
Dare County1970Stick, David
Dark of the Island, The20169780895876607Gerard, Philip
Dark Stranger, The1940Dodge, Constance Woodbury
Daughter of the Blood, The1930Hawes, Herbert Bouldin
Daughter of Virginia Dare, The1908Wall, Mary Virginia
Daughters of the Sea20059781889199139Bache, Ellyn
David McGregor's Diary20069780974773544Fletcher, Ian
Day of Blood, A20099780865263444Umfleet, LeRae Sikes
Days of Hairawn Muhly, The20139781482369533Ross, Carol Ann
Dead Beat at the Palace20109780970719782Dodd, Karen E.
Dead Man's Clothes20129781479371709Comer, Perry
Dead Reckoning1948Walz, Audrey Boyers
Deadly Cliche, A20119780425240236Stanley, Jennifer
Dear John20069780446618304Sparks, Nicholas
Death of a Mermaid20029781928556381Mills, Wendy Howell
Death Sentence19989780525942559Bledsoe, Jerry
Deep Run Roots20169780316381109Howard, Vivian
Deepest Blue, The20139781933718903Justesen, Kim Williams
Definition of Wind, The20119780440245766Block, Brett Ellen
Déjà Vu20099781593092597Perkins, Suzetta
Democracy Betrayed19989780807847558Cecelski, David S.;
Tyson, Timothy B.
Descendants of James Draughon of Edgecombe County, North Carolina1974Draughon, Wells Robert
Descendants of Walter and James Draughon, Sr. of Bertie and Edgecombe Counties, North Carolina1974Draughon, Wells Robert
Deserter's Daughter, The1865Herrington, William D.
Destitute Patriots: Bertie County in the War of 181220129780865264120Thomas, Gerald Worth
Devil’s Right Hand, The2005312334192Rhoades, J.D.
Devil's Brew20099780971287525Spence, Keith
Diablero20109780981957241Tate, Toby
Dialect Change and Maintainance on the Outer Banks19999780817309534Hazen, Kirk;
Schilling-Estes, Natalie;
Wolfram, Walt
Digby the Only Dog1955Carroll, Archer Latrobe;
Carroll, Ruth Robinson
Divided Allegiances: Bertie County during the Civil War19969780865262683Thomas, Gerald Worth
Divining Women20049780399151606Gibbons, Kaye
Doctor's Experiences in Three Continents, A1885Warren, Edward
Dog on the Sun1949Green, Paul Eliot
Dolores: A Tale of Disappointment and Distress1868Robinson, Benjamin
Down a Country Road19869780961348519Taylor, Roy G.
Down East on Nelson Island20069780970719737Dodd, Karen E.
Down to Seven1957Henderson, Walter Percy
Dreaming the Blues1984Albright, Alex
Dred1856Stowe, Harriet Beecher
Driftwood Tides20149781414366425Holmes, Gina
Drinkwater's Folly20079781571974730Pendleton, James
Drowning the North Carolina Coast20039780974780108Riggs, Stanley R.
Drummer Boy, The1863Trowbridge, John Townsend
Drums19259780766194618Boyd, James
Duck20019780895872364Mercier, Judith D.
Duck Hunting on Currituck Sound20069781596291676Morris, Travis
Dulcie's Whale1963Street, Julia Montgomery
Duplin Story, The1950Byrd, Samuel Armanie
Early from the Dance20039780385264174Payne, William David
Early History of Craven County, The1911Brinson, Samuel Mitchell
East Carolina University20139781467120401Carlson, Arthur Larentz;
Tucker, John Allen
East of Today19819780671570934Browning, Dixie Burrus
Eastern North Carolina Farming20149781467122016Stephenson, Jr., E. Frank
Echoes of Edgecombe County, 1860-194019969780752405308Fleming, Monika Sutherland
Ecological Succession of Breeding Birds in Relation to Plant Succession on Dredge Islands in North Carolina Estuaries1975Parnell, James F.
Ecology of the Pamlico River, North Carolina, The1984Riggs, Stanley R.
Economic and Social History of Chowan County, North Carolina, 1880-19151917Boyce, Warren Scott
Edenton and Chowan County20019780738506951Van Camp, Louis
Edge of Legend, The20109780615391847Sneed, Brandon
Edgecombe County19799780865261273Watson, Alan Douglas
Edgecombe County: Along the Tar River20039780738524122Fleming, Monika Sutherland
Edgecombe County: Edgecombe Remembers20029780738514321Edgecomb County Geneological Society,
Edgecombe County: Volume II19979780752408040Fleming, Monika Sutherland
Effect of Storms on Barrier Island Dynamics, Core Banks, Cape Lookout National Seashore, North Carolina, 1960-20012007Riggs, Stanley R.
Eleanor Hill19999780812627152Kline, Lisa Williams
Elemental20129780803736825John, Antony
Elizabeth City20019780738513867Scott Jr., John C.
Eliza and the Analogies of Burnshire20099781608132164Hasty, Vicki Sterling
Elm City, a Negro Community in Action19479781332215867Spellman, Cecil Lloyd
Empty Chair, The20009780671026011Deaver, Jeffery Wilds
Ends of the Earth20099781595543080Downs, Tim
England and Roanoke19889780865262331Powell, William Stevens
Entwined19989780451407511Browning, Dixie Burrus
Estuarine Shoreline Erosion in the Albemarle-Pamlico Region of North Carolina1975Riggs, Stanley R.
Every Breath20189781538728529Sparks, Nicholas
Everybody's Problem: The War on Poverty in Eastern North Carolina20179780813054971Hawkins, Karen Medlin
Everything Wright20059780803497153Thomas, Katrina
Evil That Men Do, The20071425990371Vaughn, Edward
Executing Daniel Bright20099780807134757Myers, Barton A.
Experience of Thomas Jones, The1854Jones, Thomas H.
Experiments in Oyster Culture in Pamlico Sound, North Carolina1907Coker, Robert Ervin
Eyrie and Other Southern Stories, The1905Pool, Bettie Freshwater
Fabled Doctor Jim Jordan, The1963Johnson, Frank Roy
Fabulous Dare1949Stick, David
Facing the Flag1897Verne, Jules Gabriel
Fair Lady of Halifax, The1920Pollock, John Alfred
Family Matters20089780979337611Stephenson, Shelby
Fatal Disclosure20129780373444915Robbins, Sandra
Father of Convenience20089780803499133Thomas, Katrina
Fayetteville and Fort Bragg in Vintage Postcards9780738513621Cumberland County Historical Society,
Fayetteville Profiled In Black: The History of Blacks in Fayetteville & Cumberland County20009781889925066Whitted, Fred
Fayetteville, North Carolina20009780738505930Whitted, Fred
Feast of Fat Things, A19689780911676013Zachary, Hugh D.
Feral, North Carolina, 196520199781970137811Saraceno, June Sylvester
Festival in Fire Season19969780963596765Bache, Ellyn
Fiddledeedee20019780938572312Stephenson, Shelby
Field Music - From Antietam to Andersonville: The Civil War Letters of Lyman B. Wilcox20129780615671789Caliandri, Sarah M.;
Jacobs, Lisa M.;
Moran, Nancy A.
Fifteenth Summer20119781456763817Salter, Kay
Fifth Category, The20069781430302025Campbell, K. Robert
Fifty-Eight Years of Rotary in Greenville, North Carolina1977Green, Charles Sylvester
Final Truth, The2006345483839Stewart, Mariah
Finch's Mash19909780932662989Stephenson, Shelby
Finder's Fee, A20139780425252314Lavene, James;
Lavene, Joyce
Finding Birds in Carteret County1985Fussell, John O.
Fireborn Woman2018Mountford, Elizabeth Josephine
Firebrand20139780803736832John, Antony
Fires of Pride, The2003786712236Trotter, Jr., William R.
First for Freedom19769780877160670Williams, Maxville Burt
First Impressions20059780743437141Montassir, Jude Gilliam
First Time Home20059780373285303Browning, Dixie Burrus
Fishbox Vanity19949781878177056FitzSimons, Jennifer
Fishing North Carolina20119780895873965Marsh, Michael S.
Fishing North Carolina's Outer Banks20119780807872079Ulanski, Stan
Fishing the Western Pamlico20129780985309497Boettger, Peter
Flaming Ship of Ocracoke and Other Tales of the Outer Banks, The19719780910244619Whedbee, Charles Harry
Flash Drive20129781467520089DeGroot, Jacqueline
Fleeing From the Devil: Escape to Hilton Head Island20129780984632053Sink, Alice E.
Flop- Eared Hound, The1938Credle, Ellis
Flying High With the Wright Brothers19959780964697003Maden, Mary
Foal Play20139781250026590O'Sullivan, Kathryn
Folk Plays of Eastern North Carolina1940Harris, Bernice Kelly;
Koch, Frederick Henry
For the Love of Lady Margaret19089781163677810Wilson, William Thomas
For the Strength of You20059780976234975Martin, Victor L.
Forgiven, The2007142576407XVaughn, Edward
Fort Caswell in War and Peace1983Herring, Ethel
Fort Fisher to Elmira20109781453687369Triebe, Richard H.
Fort Fisher; or, The Thunder of Siege Guns1882Harbaugh, Thomas Chalmers
Fort Macon20139780738599373Branch, Jr., Paul R.
Fortune Island20099780979969423Schorb, Edwin Marsh
Fountains and Eagles of Edgecombe County in the War Between the States North Carolina Troops, 1861-18651999Fountain, Jr., Benjamin Eagles
Fountain's of Edgecombe County: From 1745 and Their Genealogy2007Fountain, Jr., Benjamin Eagles;
Johnson, Martha Ann Fountain
Fourteenth Summer20099780984251728Salter, Kay
From Currituck to Calabash1978Pilkey, Orrin H.
From Hallowed Ground20099780578007069Edwards, Edith
From Log Cabin to the Pulpit, or Fifteen Years in Slavery1913Robinson, William H.
Fumbler1928Russell, Charles Phillips
Furniture of Coastal North Carolina, The19880945578008Bivins, Jr., John
Galatia Road20129781475148183Maus, Henrietta Ford
Galvanized20209781640121225Brantley, Michael K.
Gatling19939780963767110Stephenson, Jr., E. Frank
Gatling Gun and Flying Machine of Richard and Henry Gatling19799789994613786Johnson, Frank Roy;
Stephenson, Jr., E. Frank
Generations1991Guralnick, June
Generations of Somerset Place20059780738518039Redford, Dorothy Spruill
Generous Man, A1966Price, Edward Reynolds
Genesis Beach20079780595417865Whitfield, Susan
Geographical History of the Carolina Banks1956Dunbar, Gary Seamans
George Midgett's War19859780684183152Edwards, Sally
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Year of the Comets20059781593760700DeBlieu, Jan
Yuri's Brush with Magic2010Wartski, Maureen Crane
Zena's Law20099780975870082Lewis, Tom