Literature in Region: Piedmont

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100 Things Duke Fans Should Know and Do Before They Die20159781600789809Moore, Johnny
100 Things North Carolina Fans Should Know and Do Before They Die20159781600789847Chansky, Art
100 Years of Caring and Progress in Medicine, Greensboro, 1903-20032003Phillips, Jr., Robert LeRoy
27 Views of Greensboro20159780989609210Gingher, Marianne
27 Views of Raleigh20139780983247555Barnhardt, Wilton
50th Anniversary1969Wager, Paul Woodford
60 Hikes within 60 Miles, Raleigh20019780897323321Setzer, Lynn
Aberdeen20139780738598154Farrell, Robert A.
Absolution20079780976096399Herin, Miriam
Accidental Birds of the Carolinas20119781935708308Hudson, Marjorie
Across Two Centuries2003Lattimore, Robin Spencer
Activist's Daughter, The19971883523184Bache, Ellyn
Adam Petty's Heartbeat20139781938101441Hartsell, Sandra Lee
Ada Decades, The20179781612940854Martinac, Paula
Adding Value20019781878086884Cline, Ned
Adventure Guide to the Triangle20059780895873125Dery, Maia
Adventures in Pen Land20089780826218179Gingher, Marianne
African Americans in Winston-Salem/Forsyth County19999781578640676Davis, Lenwood G.;
McLaughlin, James H.;
Rice, William J.
African Americans of Davidson County20109780738586281Lanier, Tonya A.
After the War20009780375406836Adams, Alice Boyd
Agronomic Farm Practices in Franklin County1940Lutz, James Fulton;
Williams, Charles Burgess
Ain't No Bears Out Tonight20109780984613786Sink, Alice E.
Alamance18479781161420531Wiley, Calvin Henderson
Alamance County19999780738500362Lasley, Jr., William Kerr
Alamance County Economic and Social1928Harden, John William
Albemarle20049780738516967Varner, Elizabeith Chantale
Alex Charles: Dreams in Time20119780615491288Reynolds, Kim
Alice in BlunderlandDabbs, Ethel Thomas
All Aboard!19969781566640947Terrell, Bob
American Gold19799780380436798Seeman, Ernest
An Address on the Revolutionary History of Chatham County1894London, Henry Armand
An Independent Profession20129780983893615Covington, Jr., Howard E.;
Ellis, Marion Arthur
An Inventory of Edgemont and East Durham: Early Textile Mill Villages1980Little-Stokes, Margaret Ruth
An Inventory of Historic Architecture, Caswell County, North Carolina1979Little-Stokes, Margaret Ruth
An Inventory of Historic Architecture, Greensboro, N.C.1976Little-Stokes, Margaret Ruth
An Inventory of Historic Architecture, Iredell County, North Carolina1978Little-Stokes, Margaret Ruth
An Inventory of Natural Areas and Wildlife Habitats of Chatham County, North Carolina1992Hall, Stephen P.
An Inventory of Natural Areas and Wildlife Habitats of Orange County, North Carolina1988Hall, Stephen P.;
Sather, James Dawson
An Inventory of Significant Natural Areas in Wake County, North Carolina2003LeGrand Jr., Harry E.
An Inventory of the Significant Natural Areas of Anson County, North Carolina2011Sorrie, Bruce A.
An Inventory of Significant Natural Areas of Caswell County, North Carolina2011LeGrand Jr., Harry E.
An Inventory of Significant Natural Areas of Person County, North Carolina2007LeGrand Jr., Harry E.
An Inventory of the Significant Natural Areas of Stanly County, North Carolina2011Sorrie, Bruce A.
An Inventory of the Significant Natural Areas of Union County, North Carolina2012Sorrie, Bruce A.
An Old Salem Christmas, 184020089781933251462Smith, Karen Cecil
Andy Griffith Story, The19951887138013Collins, Terry Carlson
Angel Doll, The19969781878086549Bledsoe, Jerry
Animal Tales of the Old North State1938Cobb, Lucy Maria;
Hicks, Mary Ann
Anna Papers, The19880316313165Gilchrist, Ellen
Anson County20059781933251110Bathanti, Joseph
Apex20099780738566382Monahan, Sherry
Archaeological Investigations at the Site of David Caldwell's Log College1980Baroody, John C.
Architectural Analysis Dilworth: Charlotte's Initial Streetcar Suburb: Proposed Dilworth Historic District, Charlotte, N.C.1978Little-Stokes, Margaret Ruth
Architectural History of Randolph County, The1985Whatley, Jr., Lowell McKay
Architecture of Duke University, The1939Blackburn, William Maxwell
Architecture of Warren County, North Carolina, The2001McFarland, Kenneth
Ardent Spirits20099780743291897Price, Edward Reynolds
Are You There, God? It’s Me, Kevin20089781596914162Keck, Kevin
Arms of God, The2005312347952Hinton, Lynne
Army Town1994Catlett, J. Stephen
Around Lake Norman20089780738553962Jacobs, Cindy
Around Southern Pines19989780738554198Massengill, Stephen Edwin
Around Surry County20059780738518060Thompson, Evelyn Scales
Around Walnut Cove and Danbury20149781467121026Berrier, Kyle A.
As By Fire1939Moore, Bertha Belle
As I Remember: A Boy in the ‘Twenties1967Griffin, Roy Lee
Assessing the Impact of Local Historic Districts on Property Values in Greensboro, North Carolina19989780891334132Leimenstoll, Jo Ramsay
Aunt Ellie Turns Sleuth20079780595476329Clarke, Liz
Auto Racing in Charlotte and the Carolina Piedmont20039780738515151Singer, Marc P.;
Summer, Ryan L.
Autumn on Breezy Hill1956Moore, Bertha Belle
Awakening, The20030345462351Ball, Donna Rochelle
Baby, Take a Bow20179781464207983Tesh, Jane
Back in Black20159781460943038Hartness, John G.
Backslide20109781426941498Kenney, Carl W.
Bad Reputation, A20149781464202322Tesh, Jane
Bad to the Bone20009780380800643Munger, Katy
Badin, a Town at the Narrows1982Glass, Brent D.
Balancing Tradition and Innovation: the History of Botany at Duke University, 1849-19961996Harland-Jacobs, Jessica
Ballad of Jessie Pearl, The20139781608981410Hitchcock, Shannon Williams
Banktown20109780895873811Rothacker, Rick
Bare Bones20039780743453004Reichs, Kathleen Joan
Baroque and Desperate19999780380802258Myers, Tamar
Baseball in Catawba County20049780738517131Holaday, J. Chris;
Peeler, Tim
Baseball in North Carolina's Piedmont20029780738514130Holaday, J. Chris
Battle of Alamance, The1939Fitch, William Edwards
Battle of Lindley's Mill, The1975Newlin, Algia Innman
Battle of New Garden, The1977Newlin, Algia Innman
Battle of Ramsour's Mill, The1995Carpenter, William L.
Beat Goes On, The20089780981513607Fripp, Gayle Hicks;
Schlosser, Jim
Becoming Truly Free19859780961460303Gaillard, Frye;
Maschal, Richard;
Williams, Ed
Before He Wakes19949780525938262Bledsoe, Jerry
Before John was a Jazz Giant20089780805079944Weatherford, Carole Boston
Behind the Scenes; or, Thirty Years a Slave and Four Years in the White House18689781461059738Keckley, Elizabeth
Being a Boy19889780895870650Davis, Paxton
Belk19889780807818220Covington, Jr., Howard E.
Bending the Twigs in Jamestown2004Browning, Mary A.
Benjie's Hat1938Hunt, Mabel Leigh
Bennett's Welcome1950Fletcher, Inglis Clark
Best Easy Day Hikes, Charlotte20109780762755202Davis, Jennifer Pharr
Best Game Ever, The20069781592289820Lucas, Adam
Best Hikes Near Charlotte20129780762771486Davis, Jennifer Pharr
Best of Enemies: Race and Redemption in the New South, The19969780684197593Davidson, Osha Gray
Better off Dead20019780380800650Munger, Katy
Betty Sweet Tells All20029780060184858Stacy, Judith Minthorn
Big Fresh, The20071931982899Morgan, Scott
Billy Graham Story, The20039780310251262Pollock, John Charles
Bird in the House, A19919780962869204Kratt, Mary Norton
Birth and Death of a Camp1919Olds, Fred A
Bitter Blood19899780451402103Bledsoe, Jerry
Bitter in the Mouth20119780812981322Truong, Monique T. D.
Bittersweet Legacy19949780807849569Greenwood, Janette Thomas
Black & White20089781596061712Shiner, Lewis
Black Bard of North Carolina, The19979780807846483Horton, George Moses
Black Caesar: The Rise and Disappearance of Frank Matthews, Kingpin20139780985244019Chepesiuk, Ron
Black Hood, The1924Dixon, Jr., Thomas W.
Black Magic Woman20119781844165414Hartness, John G.
Black Man in a White Coat20159781250044631Tweedy, Damon
Black Top1956Moore, Bertha Belle
Blanche Passes Go20009780670891658Neely, Barbara
Blood Done Sign My Name20049780609610589Tyson, Timothy B.
Bloody Kin19859780446404167Maron, Margaret B.
Bloody November20069781424147380Dattero, Guilio
Blue20069781590783894Hostetter, Joyce Moyer
Blue Calhoun20009780684867823Price, Edward Reynolds
Blue Star, The2008316199079Earley, Tony L.
Bobby Rex’s Greatest Hit19879780689117695Gingher, Marianne
Bold Entrepreneur20039780890897447Durden, Robert Franklin
Bones Never Lie20149780345544018Reichs, Kathleen Joan
Bones of the Lost20139781439102459Reichs, Kathleen Joan
Bones to Ashes20079781416525653Reichs, Kathleen Joan
Bootlegger’s Daughter19929780446403238Maron, Margaret B.
Bound South20099781416558675White, Susan Rebecca
Bowman Gray Stadium20139780738599182Miller, Richard
Boy No More, A19929780895871701Davis, Paxton
Boy's War, A19909780895871695Davis, Paxton
Bread Upon the Water20129780977962853Klingel, Deanna K.
Break No Bones20069780743453035Reichs, Kathleen Joan
Breath: Life in the Rhythm of an Iron Lung20039781878086952Mason, Martha
Bricks and People1973Lathrop, Virginia Terrell
Bride Fair, The20020373292031Reavis, Cheryl
Bridge, The20019780060505219Marlette, Doug Nigel
Bridgehead19869780812536164Drake, David
Brief History of Alamance County, A1926Whitsett, William Thornton
Bright Leaf1948Fitz-Simons, Foster
Broken as Things Are20049780805075953Witt, Martha
Broken Bondage, A1911Brown, Nancy Keen
Brouhaha20059781933251004Farlow, Jonathan
Buffalo Presbyterian Church, 1756-19811981Ayers, Moir
Bug Funeral, The2004312322186Shaber, Sarah Rock
Built on a Rock20059780976782902Bledsoe, Jerry;
Neal, Jerry D.
Bureau of Extension of the University of North Carolina, The1918Wilson, Louis Round
Buried in a Book20129780425246191May, Sylvia;
Stanley, Jennifer
Burlington20099780738566474Bolden, Don
Burlington20109780738586533Bolden, Don
Bus Journal2007Brilliant, Alan
Buzzard Table, The20129780446555821Maron, Margaret B.
By a Dream Possessed19979780965809276Ellis, Marion Arthur
Cabarrus Reborn1940Moore, James Lewis;
Wingate, Thomas Herron
Caleb, My Son1956Daniels, Lucy Cathcart
Call and Response19899780671639921Pearson, Thomas Reid
Call Home the Heart1932Dargan, Olive Tilford
Call It Freedom1937Sims, Marian
Called, The20109781930846630Rochelle, Warren G.
Campus Club, Duke University1998Anderson, Jean Bradley
Campus of the First State University, The1949Henderson, Archibald
Cane Mutiny, The20060060535199Myers, Tamar
Captain Saturday20029780316415026Inman, Robert Frederick
Carolina Basketball: A Century of Excellence20109780807834107Lucas, Adam
Carpentry and Woodworking Tools of Hope Plantation20049780972748049Jones, Alice Eley
Carrboro20119780738587271Ellington, Richard;
Otto, David A.
Cary20119780738586953Monahan, Sherry
Case of Imagination, A20069781590582190Tesh, Jane
Caswell County20099780738567822Caswell County Historical Association,
Caswell County in the World War1921House, Robert Burton
Catawba Soldier of the Civil War, The1911Hahn, George W.
Catbird20069781579621261March, Stephen
Catching Fire20189780692178058Senehi, Rose
Cautious Heart20089781585713011Hodges, Cheris F.
Celebrating a Triangle Millennium19999781881096672Gaddy, Charles Reece
Celeste's Harlem Renaissance20079780316523943Tate, Eleanora E.
Centennial Ceremonies Held in Christ Church Parish, Raleigh, North Carolina1922Haywood, Marshall DeLancey
Centennial History of Alamance County 1849-19491949Whitaker, Walter E.
Centennial History of Davidson County, North Carolina1927Leonard, Jacob Calvin
Centennial History of Pleasant Grove Methodist Church, 1838-19381938Griffin, Clarence Wilbur
Central Piedmont Community College19959780964497603Timblin, Carol Lowe
Chains of Error, and the Mecklenburg Declarations of Independence1960McNitt, Virgil V.
Champeen19999780870744464Miller, Heather Ross
Chancellor's Eye View, A1958Aycock, William Brantley;
Ivey, A. G.
Change Baby20049781573222860Spence, June
Change for a Dollar20119781597150798Smith, Ricky Neal
Changing Assignments: A Pictorial History of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro1991Trelease, Allen William
Chapel Hill19969780738568256Vickers, James
Chapel Hill Carousel1967Rehder, Jessie Clifford
Chapel Hill Food Lover's Guide20099780615335872Neal, Moreton Hobbs
Chapel Hill in Plain Sight20109780982077139Athas, Daphne
Chapel Hill: An Illustrated History19859780961442903Qualls, Dixon;
Scism, Thomas;
Vickers, James
Characteristics and Needs of the Population Living Near the Greensboro Business District1974Bennett, David Gordon
Charlotte20069780738542287Schick, Don
Charlotte and the Carolina Piedmont20039780738515809Hanchett, Thomas W.;
Sumner, Ryan L.
Charlotte and Mecklenburg County Police20109780738566719Sumner, Ryan L.
Charlotte and Mecklenburg County, North Carolina Today1967Blythe, William LeGette
Charlotte and the State of North Carolina: Cool Stuff Every Kid Should Know20119781439600979Jerome, Kate Boehm
Charlotte in Picture and Prose: An Historical and Descriptive Sketch of Charlotte, North Carolina19069781176072473Alexander, Julia McGehee
Charlotte Observer: Its Time and Place 1869-1986, The19860807817120Claiborne, Jack
Charlotte, City at the Crossroads19899780897813150Quirk, Bea
Charlotte, NC: The Global Evolution of a New South City20109780820335612Graves, William
Charlotte, North Carolina20019780738513751Drain, Grace Hoey;
Ely, Vermelle Diamond;
Rogers, Amy T.
Charlotte, North Carolina: A Brief History20099781596296015Kratt, Mary Norton
Charlotte: Its Historic Neighborhoods19969780752405155Rogers, Amy T.;
Rogers, John Reynolds
Charlotte: Patterns & Trends of a Dynamic City1988Clay, James W.;
Stuart, Alfred W.
Charlotte: Spirit of the New South19929780895870957Kratt, Mary Norton
Charlotte's Historic Neighborhoods20069780738543079Rogers, Amy T.;
Rogers, John Reynolds
Charms for the Easy Life19939780399137914Gibbons, Kaye
Cheated20159781612347288Smith, Jay M
Chefs of the Triangle20099780895873705Prospero, Ann
Cherryville20099780738568553Wehunt-Black, Rita
Chestnut Mare, Beware19969780449909980Jaffe, Jody
Chicken Boy20059781416934820Dowell, Frances O'Roark
Child in the Midst, A20069780978802615Smith, Trudy J.
Chilhowee Boys1893Morrison, Sarah Elizabeth
Chimney Rock and Rutherford County20029780738514833Davis, Anita Price;
Hambright, Barry Edmond
Chimney Rock Park and Hickory Nut Gorge20089780738553177Cole, J. Timothy
Choo Choo, The Charlie Justice Story1958Quincy, Bob
Christian Witness, A2005Ellis, Marion Arthur
Christmas Maus2008Hutton, John
Christmas Mourning20109780446555807Maron, Margaret B.
Christmas Tree that Flew to Fayetteville Street, The1971Rust, Rebecca Ball
Church in the Old Fields1962Turner, Herbert Snipes
Church of the Atonement and the Chapel of the Cross at Chapel Hill, The1938Henderson, Archibald
City of Raleigh, The1887Amis, Moses Neal
City's Culture, A1976Wellman, Manly Wade
Civil War and Yadkin County, North Carolina, The19979780786402885Casstevens, Frances Harding
Civil War Charlotte: Last Capital of the Confederacy20129781609494803Hardy, Michael C.
Civil War Ends: Greensboro, April 1865, The2008Foley, Bradley R.;
Whicker, Adrian L.
Civil War in the North Carolina Quaker Belt20149780786476633Auman, William Thomas
Civil War Notables of Salem God's Acre and Salem Cemetery2005Starbuck, Richard W.
Civil War Roster of Davie County, North Carolina, The20099780786438570Hasty, Mary Alice;
Winfree, Hazel M.
Civilities and Civil Rights19809780195026252Chafe, William Henry
Classic, The20119780983682523Bradsher, Bethany
Clemmons20139780738592763White, Kevin
Cleveland County in World War II20059780738517728Davis, Anita Price;
Walker, James M.
Cleveland County People and Places20029780738514659Hambright, Barry Edmond;
Patterson, U. L.
Cliffside: Portrait of a Carolina Mill Town20059780738541600Bailey, Alfred Reno
Cliffside: Portrait of a Carolina Mill Town20059780738541600
Closing19999780393319224Bamberger, Bill;
Davidson, Cathy Notari
Cloud over Catawba1949Davidson, Chalmers Gaston
Cobalt Blue20139781780998084Payne, Peggy
Codename GREENKILL1987Wheaton, Elizabeth
Colfax Township20119780738586915Davis, Anita Price;
Rhyne, Mike;
Withrow, Scott G.
Collection of Verse on the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence, A1950Davidson, Chalmers Gaston
Colonial History of Rowan County, North Carolina, A1917Ervin, Jr., Samuel James
Color of Love, The20059781592286263Cheek, Gene
Columns & Porches20099780977053162Lattimore, Robin Spencer
Comfort20099781590786062Hostetter, Joyce Moyer
Comfort Me with Apples19899780935400168Snow, A. C.
Coming Home to My Country Heart20079780961364984Lett, AlexSandra
Communists on Campus19999780820321097Billingsley, William J.
Compassion in Our Hearts and Excellence on Our Minds2003Shinn, Jerry
Concord20119780738587226Eury, Michael
Concord and Cabarrus County in Vintage Postcards20019780738513829Patterson, Michael George
Concord and Cabarrus County Revisited20120738592080Patterson, Michael George
Confederate Guns were Stacked at Greensboro, North Carolina1965Arnett, Ethel Stephens
Confederate States navy yard at Charlotte, N.C., 1862-1865, The19149781149901779Alexander, Violet G.
Confederates in the Attic: Dispatches from the Unfinished Civil War19989780679758334Horowitz, Anthony Lander
Confessions of a Preacher's Kid20019781931232401McMahan, Michael
Congregation of the Dead, The19960941711323Childers, Jr., Max Lamar
Conover20119780738585765Barker, Donald Eugene
Convictions: A Novel of the Sixties19859780688043438Cannon, Taffy
Cooleemee: A Tale of Southern Life1880Johns, Annie Eliza
Coquette1928Bridgers, Ann Preston
Corpse for Yew, A20099780425228104Lavene, James;
Lavene, Joyce
Cotton Mill Girl20069781598867183Scearce, Flora Ann
Country Boy's Education, A20089780741443380Ketchie, Cotton
Country Cured19919780452267060Bledsoe, Jerry
County Government and County Affairs in Alamance County, N.C.1925Wager, Paul Woodford
County Government and County Affairs in Polk County, N.C.1925Wager, Paul Woodford
County Government and County Affairs in Randolph County, N.C.1926Wager, Paul Woodford
County Government and County Affairs in Rutherford County, N.C.1925Wager, Paul Woodford
County Health Regulations1950Cochrane, William McWhorter
County of Gaston, The1961Wellman, Manly Wade
County of Moore: 1847-1947, a North Carolina Region's Second Hundred Years, The1962Wellman, Manly Wade
County of Warren, North Carolina, 1586-1917, The19599780807854723Wellman, Manly Wade
Coventry20069780976096375Bathanti, Joseph
Cowpens-Guilford Courthouse Campaign, The1962Davis, Burke
Cradle of Liberty1955Henderson, Archibald
Creative Writing Murders, The20070945083203Miller, Heather Ross
Cross Bones20059780743453028Reichs, Kathleen Joan
Crossing Chowee Mountain20089781883197162Duncan, Barbara Reimensnyder
Crossroads19849780935400106Rogers, Dennis
Cullom Lantern, The1963Blackmore, James Harold
Cul-lud Schoo-ool Teach-ur, The20069781450233040Bowen, Sandra E.
Cuttings19999780440225539Grant, Anne Underwood
Dallas, North Carolina: a brief history20139781626191631Heller, Kitty Kay Thornburg
Dan and Jack Find a Pal1955Moore, Bertha Belle
Dance Band from Deacontown, The20089780979310416Pope, Norwood W.
Dancing in the Lowcountry20089780758228475Villas, James
Dancing on Rocks20149780615895055Senehi, Rose
Darlingtons, The1900Peake, Elmore Elliott
Dateline Greensboro: The Piedmont and Beyond20029780738514772Catlett, J. Stephen
Dating Adventures of a Widow, The20139781938527180Berman, Rita
David Paton1909Ashe, Samuel A'Court
Davidson College Library Handbook1948Davidson, Chalmers Gaston
Davidson County20009780738506371Howell, Ray
Davidson County Community College20039781880849682Oakley, J. Ronald
Davidson County, Economic and Social1925Sink, Margaret Jewell
Davie County20099780738567976Dotson, Debra Leigh;
McAllister, Jane Satchell
Days of Bondage1883Jones, Friday
Days of Daniel Boone1883Norton, Frank Henry
Dead Right20069780976810889Shaffer, David L.
Deadly Company20099780982300510Land, Dixie
Deadly Decisions20009780671028367Reichs, Kathleen Joan
Deadly Dose20089780425221969Lamb, Amanda
Deal of a Lifetime, The20050974773530Alston, E. B.
Dean Smith Story, The19809780873971669Mumau, Thad
Dean W. Colvard20059780945344056Ellis, Marion Arthur
Dean's Domain19999781563525407Chansky, Art
Dean's List, The19969780446520072Chansky, Art
Dear Doctor Dick1955Hunter, J. Allen
Death at Play20089780981576343Gates, Nancy Gotter
Death by Journalism20019781878086938Bledsoe, Jerry
Death du Jour19999780671011376Reichs, Kathleen Joan
Death in North Carolina's Piedmont20069781596291966Casstevens, Frances Harding
Death is Academic19769780679506386MacKay, Amanda
Death of a Pinehurst Princess20109781596291805Bouser, Steve
Death of a Rug Lord20089780060846596Myers, Tamar
Death on Disaster Day20089780979686696Gates, Nancy Gotter
Death on the Eno19819780316559935MacKay, Amanda
Death's Half Acre20089780446618083Maron, Margaret B.
Dedication of the New Building of the School of Law, The1957Green, Charles Sylvester
Deep South19689780820317168Caldwell, Erskine
Defending Hillsborough19989781884570858Thomasson, Clarissa
Deja Dead19979780671011369Reichs, Kathleen Joan
Descendants of Adam Spach1924Fries, Adelaide Lisetta
Descendants of Jeremiah Barker, Leander (Lee) Barker, Daniel Barker, Gideon Barker, Louisa Ann Barker of Surry County, N.C.2009Hiatt, Wilma
Description of a Mill Village1938Moore, Ida L.
Desegregating Cary, North Carolina20099780578046242Van Scoyoc, Peggy
Designated Daughters20149781455545285Maron, Margaret B.
Dethronement of Reason1998Capel, Frank Winfred
Devil Bones20089781416525660Reichs, Kathleen Joan
Devil of a Whipping: The Battle of Cowpens, A20009780807849262Babits, Lawrence Edward
Diary of a Fed Up Teacher20169781943419319Putnam, Chip
Diary of Mary Elizabeth Auman, The20109781440199431Auman, Mary Elizabeth;
Auman, William Thomas
Discovering the Forest: Sandhills Forest Life in North and South Carolina20059780595351046Gantz, Charlotte Orr
Dissenters: The Regulator Movement in Piedmont North Carolina, The20119780865263505
Do Unto Others and Then Run20009780935400403Saunders, Barry
Doctor Happy1938Moore, Bertha Belle
Documentary History of the University of North Carolina, A1953Lefler, Hugh Talmage
Dolley Madison and the ''Great Little Madison"1977Hunt-Jones, Conover
Double Dead20079781594145872Hoover, Terry
Down the Broken Road20189781683317418Backlund, J.R.
Down River20079780312359317Hart, John
Dream Long Deferred, The19880807817945Gaillard, Frye
Dreamweaver20069780978839802Strickland, Buddy
Drinking Gourds of Guilford2005Sieber, Herman Alexander
Drought and Other North Carolina Yarns1915Smith, Edith Hutchins
Dry Grass of August, The20119780758254092Mayhew, Anna Jean
Du Sang sous les Magnolias19829788473171168Hardré, Jacques
Duke Basketball20089781596294677Bowling, Lewis
Duke Forest at 75, The20069780978964610Lynch, Ida Phillips
Duke Gardens Through the Years1997Durden, Robert Franklin
Duke Homestead and the American Tobacco Company20139780738599410Farley, Jennifer Dawn
Duke Legacy, The20149781491726204Duke, David W.
Duke: Memorable Stories of Blue Devil Basketball20079781596701793Featherston, Alwyn
Durham and Her People1951Dula, William Corpening;
Simpson, A. C.
Durham County20009780738506579Wise, Jim
Durham County Inventory of Important Natural Areas, Plants, and Wildlife1999Hall, Stephen P.
Durham County, Economic and Social1918Fowler, Marion Butler;
Upchurch, William Merrimon
Durham County: A History of Durham County, North Carolina19909780822310563Anderson, Jean Bradley
Durham Life, 1906-19631963Goerch, Carl
Durham Station1961Smith, Betty
Durham Tales: The Morris Street Maple, The Plastic Cow, The Durham Day That Was & More20089781596295889Wise, Jim
Durham, North Carolina19979780752405544Massengill, Stephen Edwin
Durham: A Bull City Story20029780738523811Wise, Jim
Durham's Hayti19999780752409672Jones, Beverly Washington;
Vann, Andre D.
Durham's Lincoln Hospital20019780738513669Reynolds, Pamela Preston
Dust of Snow, A19809780935400045Snow, A. C.
Dying to Be Thin20079780451222404Lilley, Kathryn
Dynamic Decade, The20129781469607252Godschalk, David R.;
Howes, Jonathan B.
Early Leaving20049780060594589Goldman, Judy Ann
East and West Southern Pines20049780738516660Blue, Pamela M.;
Lindau, Sara Elizabeth
Easter Maus2010Hutton, John
Easter Monday Baseball Game, The20139780786474523Peeler, Tim
Echoes of Mercy20079780979094996Hampton, Lynette Hall
Economics at Davidson1987Ratliff, Charles Edward
Edenton Street : Edenton Street United Methodist Church, Raleigh, North Carolina, 1811-20112011McDowell, Sue
Edge of the Woods, The1964Miller, Heather Ross
Editor in Politics19419780807873380Daniels, Josephus
Educate a Woman1942Lathrop, Virginia Terrell
Eleven Charlotte Poets1971Grey, Robert Waters
Elizabeth Keckley Reader, The20169780989609258McKoy, Sheila Smith
Elkin20129780738592107Couch, Samuel Jason
Ellen Foster19879781616203023Gibbons, Kaye
Enduring Destiny20199781732023628Patel, Shaila
Entering Ephesus19719780933256798Athas, Daphne
Entries from Oxford19719780877160335Stem, Jr., Thaddeus Garland
Estate of Mind19999780380802272Myers, Tamar
Esther Wake1913Vermont, Adolph
Every Trick in the Book20139780425251676May, Sylvia;
Stanley, Jennifer
Evil Next Door20109780425233344Lamb, Amanda
Evil Turns20169781464205231Tesh, Jane
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Weichel, Elizabeth
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