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1840 Revolutionary Pensioners of Henderson County, North Carolina, The19969780965486507Helsley, Alexia Jones
46 days: keeping up with Jennifer Pharr Davis on the Appalachian Trail20119780825306785Davis, Jennifer Pharr
50 Hikes in the Mountains of North Carolina: Walks and Hikes from the Blue Ridge Mountains to the Great Smokies19959780881503050Williams, Robert Leonard
Above the Waterfall20159780062349316Rash, Ron
Above-All20079781595130471Stern, Peggy Poe
Acres of Beauty1936Tuttle, Louise Jennings
Addie Clawson20039781877905671Ebel, Julia Taylor
African Americans of Jackson County: From Slavery to Integration, The20069780975302361McDonald, Victoria A. Casey
After Dark19809780425071038Wellman, Manly Wade
After the Good Gay Times1974Buttitta, Anthony J.
Against Human Nature1895Pool, Maria Louise
Agony Hill20099781438965369Saltsman, Roger
Airwaves Of Zion: Radio Religion In Appalachia19939780870497971Dorgan, Howard
Alas Lucinda!1932Baldwin, Seth
Alexander-Davidson Reunion1911Sondley, Forster Alexander
All Saints Episcopal Mission2010Covington, Jr., Howard E.
Alma1983Byer, Kathryn Stripling
Alma's Prayer20129781457513626Heffner, Robert
Along the Appalachian Trail20129780738591032Adkins, Leonard M.
Along the Blue Ridge Parkway19979781565792302Humphries, George;
Jolley, Harley E.
Altapass20059780738517711Carson, Judy;
McKinney, Terry Hughes
Alto Wore Tweed, The20049780972121125Schweizer, Mark
Amanda19959780553592726Hooper, Kay
Americana Rural20129781936138500Dillingham, Nancy
Among the Believers20009781604542240Rash, Ron
An Appalachian Tragedy19989780871569769Ayers, Harvard G.
An Archaeological Survey of Burke County North Carolina1976Clark, Larry Richard
An Endless Tapestry20079781596610750Duncan, Julia Nunnally
An Honorable Man20119781595130457Stern, Peggy Poe
An Ice Cold Grave20079780425217290Harris, Charlaine
An Inch of Snow1964Cobb, William Edward
An Unexpected Family20079781416524564Medlicott, Joan Avna
Angel1926Heyward, DuBose Edwin
Angel Whispered Danger, The20039780312308131Ballard, Mignon Franklin
Angels Watching Over Me20039780764227004Phillips, Michael Ray
Annals of Caldwell County1930Scott, William Walter
Annals of Haywood County, North Carolina, The1935Allen, William Cicero
Annie Laurie and Azalea1913Peattie, Elia Wilkinson
Apostate Physician1937Frick, Harvey Lee
Appalachian Appetite20169781578266579Gott Séguret, Susi
Appalachian Down19739780877160410West, John Foster
Appalachian Ghosts1978Roberts-Brown, Nancy Correll
Appalachian Mountain Memories20039781887905312Morgan, Larry G.
Appalachian Mountains19809780912856599Dykeman Stokely, Wilma
Appalachian Paradise20029780971304567Bishop, Maggie
Appalachian State, A to Z20109781933251691Webb, Anne Aldridge
Appalachian Studies20059781893239524Shelby, Anne Gabbard
Appalachian Trail Visitor's Companion, The19989780897322416Adkins, Leonard M.
Appalachians and Race20019780813121734Inscoe, John C.
Appalachia Mountain Folklore20129780764340062Rivers, Micheal
Appalachia Sounding1975Linney, Romulus
Around Bakersville20119780738587646Grisham, Sandy;
Koran, Bruce
Around Biltmore Village20089780738525679Alexander, Bill
Around Biltmore Village20089780738568539Alexander, Bill
Art’s Blood20069780440242093Lane, Vicki
Arts at Black Mountain College, The19879780262081610Harris, Mary Emma
Ashe County20009780738506159Houck, John;
Weaver, Clarice;
Williams, Carol
Asheville20049780738516196McDaniel, Douglas Stuart
Asheville and Buncombe County1922Sondley, Forster Alexander
Asheville and Western North Carolina in World War II20069780738543420Chapman, Reid;
Miles, Deborah
Asheville Beer20129781609496319Glenn, Anne Fitten
Asheville Ghosts and Legends20069781596291560House, Delas M.;
Traynor, Ken
Asheville in the Land of the Sky1942Mead, Martha Norburn
Asheville: A History20079780786431762Chase, Nan K.
Asheville: Land of the Sky19869780897811682Ready, Milton
Asheville: Mountain Majesty20079780914875352Harshaw, Lou
Asheville: Places of Discovery19809780914875017Harshaw, Lou
Asheville: Volume I19979780738543987Greenberg, Sue;
Kahn, Jan
Asheville: Volume II19979780738543994Greenberg, Sue;
Kahn, Jan
Asheville's Albemarle Park20149781467121255Merten, Stacy A.;
Sauer, Robert O.
Asheville's River Arts District20089780738554266Neufeld, Henry;
Neufeld, Rob
Ashpet19949780823411061Compton, Joanne;
Compton, Kenn
Assault and Batter20139781493559862Beck, Jessica
At Dusk20109781453609941Duncan, Julia Nunnally
At Home in Covington20049780743470414Medlicott, Joan Avna
At Home in Mitford19949780732413996Karon, Jan Meredith
At Home in the Smokies19849780912627229Dykeman Stokely, Wilma
At Top of Tobin1926Olmsted, Stanley
Aunt Mary, Tell Me a Story19919780962863004Chiltoskey, Mary Ulmer
Autumn Bends the Rebel Tree20119780982539699Guy, Carolyn
Avery County20059780738541914Hardy, Michael C.
Awakening, The1921Cartrette, Anna Gaskill
Azalea, The Story of a Girl in the Blue Ridge Mountains1912Peattie, Elia Wilkinson
Azalea's Silver Web1915Peattie, Elia Wilkinson
Azalea at Sunset Gap1914Peattie, Elia Wilkinson
Back in the Time: Medicine, Education, and Life20179781542858557Griffith, Gretchen
Backpacking Overnights: North Carolina Mountains, South Carolina Upstate20139781889596280Parham, Jim
Backyard Bears21089781328858689Cherrix, Amy
Bad Moon on the Rise20099780981944241Munger, Katy
Ballad of Frankie Silver, The19980525939695McCrumb, Sharyn
Ballad of Tom Dooley, The20119780312558178McCrumb, Sharyn
Ballad of Tom Dula, The19719781887905558West, John Foster
Balm of Gilead Tree and Other Stories, The19999780917788734Morgan, Robert Ray
Balsam Groves of the Grandfather Mountain, The1892Dugger, Shepherd Monroe
Bandana Creek19799780911692136Downer, Hilda
Barbara's Vagaries18869781144057358Tidball, Mary Langdon Dana
Baritone Wore Chiffon, The20049780972121132Schweizer, Mark
Barking at a Fox-Fur Coat19919780874831405Davis, Donald
Baseball in Asheville20049780738516103Ballew, Bill
Bass Wore Scales, The20079780972121187Schweizer, Mark
Beanie1953Carroll, Archer Latrobe;
Carroll, Ruth Robinson
Bearwallow: A Personal History of a Mountain Homeland20149780895876249Jones, Jeremy B.
Beckoning20139781622292264Ledford, Brenda Kay
Becoming Odyssa: Epic Adventures on the Appalachian Trail20109780825306495Davis, Jennifer Pharr
Beech Mountain20099780738567945Beech Mountain Historical Society,
Beech Mountain20099780738566252Beech Mountain Historical Society,
Before the Last Lap20059780803497283Lavene, James;
Lavene, Joyce
Before Sunrise20059781455871117Kyle, Susan Spaeth
Bellamy Case, The1925Hay, Jr., James
Bending Heaven's Will20189781947773271Kemp, Terry L.
Best Easy Day Hikes: Blue Ridge Parkway20039780762755264Johnson, Randy
Best Easy Day Hikes: Great Smoky Mountains National Park20109780762748365Johnson, Randy
Best Hikes of Pisgah National Forest, The20009780895871909Goldsmith III, C. Franklin;
Hamrick, Shannon E. G.;
Hamrick, Jr., H. James
Betrayal at Cross Creek20049781584858782Ernst, Kathleen
Beulah Land1949Davis, Harold Lenoir
Beyond the Crossroad20109780976936534Collier, Eugenia Williams
Bicycling the Blue Ridge: A Guide to The Skyline Drive and The Blue Ridge Parkway19909780897320931Skinner, Charlie;
Skinner, Elizabeth
Big Doin's on Razorback Ridge1956Credle, Ellis
Big Laurel1922Bartlett, Frederick Orin
Biltmore Estate20059780738517490Rickman, Ellen Erwin
Biltmore Estate20089780738568119Rickman, Ellen Erwin
Biltmore Nursery: A Botanical Legacy, The20071596292385Alexander, Bill
Birthright1957Rogers, Lettie Hamlett
Bivouac, The1861Greene, Talbot
Black Dutch19919780802711458Taylor, Bonnie;
Taylor, Matt
Black Heritage of Western North Carolina, The1986Davis, Lenwood G.;
Ready, Milton
Black Mountain19729780810125940Duberman, Martin
Black Mountain and the Swannanoa Valley20049780738516264Swannanoa Valley Museum,
Black Mountain Book, The19700933598203Dawson, Fielding
Black Mountain Days20039780964902084Rumaker, Michael
Black Shawl19989780807122518Byer, Kathryn Stripling
Blackberry Winter20059780373230525Reavis, Cheryl
Blackman's Coffin20089781590586228de Castrique, Mark
Blind Faith9781595130402Stern, Peggy Poe
Blood in the Hills20129780813134277Stewart, Bruce E.
Blood Kin9781595130419Stern, Peggy Poe
Blood Moon Rising20079781595130495Stern, Peggy Poe
Blood Noir20089780425222195Hamilton, Laurell K.
Blood Oath20089780615243948Waters, Jimmy Cherokee
Bloodroot20119781463638207Kaiser, William F.
Blowing Rock20049780738516479Warmuth, Donna Akers
Blue and Gray Christmas, A20099781416597353Medlicott, Joan Avna
Blue Horizons19939781878086051Bledsoe, Jerry
Blue Ridge Billy1946Lenski, Lois Lenore
Blue Ridge Commons20129780820341255Newfont, Kathryn
Blue Ridge Heritage: An Informal History of Three Generations of The Family of John Nicholson Idol20059781887905411Idol Jr., John Lane
Blue Ridge Music Trails of North Carolina20139781469608211Fussell, Fred C.;
Kruger, Steve
Blue Ridge Nature Journal20069781596291393Ellison, George
Blue Ridge Parkway, The19699780870491009Jolley, Harley E.
Blue Ridge Parkway, The20069780738542249Hall, Karen Lynn Jones
Blue Ridge Parkway Vistas: A Comprehensive Identification Guide20149780971134836Barnwell, Timothy
Blue Ridge Parkway: The First 50 Years19859780913239377Jolley, Harley E.
Blue Ridge Roadways20069780895873323Fariello, Mary Anna
Blue Ridge Shadows20029780916078553Duncan, Julia Nunnally
Blue Valleys, The19899780743204224Morgan, Robert Ray
Booked For Murder20049780425198087Myers, Tim
Boone20039780738515410Warmuth, Donna Akers
Boy Scouts in the Blue Ridge, The1913Carter, Herbert
Brevard20049780738516127Lefler, Susan M.
Brevard20119780738592008Lefler, Susan M.
Bridge to Home, The20169780692756997Jordan, Angela Fordice
Bright Freedom's Song19989780152018122Houston, Gloria
Brighten the Corner Where You Are19899780312032975Chappell, Fred Davis
Broken Road20099781550961218Hardy, Melissa
Bryson City Seasons20049780739469316Larimore, Walt
Bryson City Secrets20069780310266334Larimore, Walt
Bryson City Tales20029780310256700Larimore, Walt
Buck Gentry20059781570902390Boyer, Richard Lewis
Building the Blue Ridge Parkway20079780738552873Hall, Karen Lynn Jones
Buncombe to Mecklenburg - Speculation Lands1955Patton, Sadie Smathers
Burke1977Phifer, Edward William
Burke County, A Brief History1979Phifer, Edward William
Burke County, North Carolina: Historic Tales from the Gateway to the Blue Ridge20079781596293236Clark, Larry Richard
Burnt Mountain20119780446527897Siddons, Anne Rivers
Bushwhackers19919780895870872Trotter, Jr., William R.
Butterfly Girl20109781570902574Whitworth, Bill
By Love Acquitted20079781597895095Lehman, Yvonne
By Love Renewed19879780842303484Headapohl, Betty R.
Ca. 1840 McElroy House: A Glimpse of Yancey County, The20041578642590Hardy, Michael C.
Cabin19969780913239421Hallowell, Barbara G.
Cabin in the Pines1935Pahlow, Gertrude
Cabins and Castles1981Powell, Talmage
Cabins in the Laurel19359780807843284Sheppard, Muriel Earley
Cades Cove: The Life and Death of a Southern Appalachian Community19889780870495595Durwood, Dunn Clay
Caldwell County20069780738543598Hardy, Michael C.
Caleb's Luck1942Benet, Laura
Call the Devil by His Oldest Name20049780553584943Bissell, Sallie
Called Again20139780825306938Davis, Jennifer Pharr
Called to the Mountains: The Story of Jean L. Frese20139781489526670Griffith, Gretchen
Called: the Story of a Mountain Midwife20109781930154247Stump, Phyllis
Canton20139780738599267Beadle, Michael
Captain Lenoir's Diary20109781935619000Jones, Carroll C.
Carl Sandburg Home: Connemara, The20069780738542768Reuther, Galen
Carl Sandburg: A Pictorial Biography19679781199901996Haas, Joseph
Carolina Belle20169780996257152Senehi, Rose
Carolina Harmony20099780385735902McDowell, Marilyn Taylor
Carolina Indian Frontier, The19700872491951Corkran, Jr., David Hudson
Carolina Israelite20159781469621036Hartnett, Kimberly Marlowe
Carolina Mountain Breezes1929Ebbs, Eloise Buckner
Carolina Mountains, The1913Morley, Margaret W.
Carolina Reckoning20139781426757976Carter, Lisa
Carson House of Marion, North Carolina, The1982Hill, Michael R.
Cashiers Valley20079780738552552Nardy, Jane Gibson;
Wyatt, Jan Blair
Casualties20009780930769147Rash, Ron
Cat Dancers, The2005312333773Deutermann, Peter Thomas
Cat Rising20029781560234074Chadwick, Cynn
Cataloochee20079781400063437Caldwell, Wayne
Catawba River, The19830915553007Gaillard, Frye
Causing Chaos20150989780058Ledford, Deborah J.
CCC in the Smokies, The2001Jolley, Harley E.
Centennial of Haywood County and Its County Seat1908Allen, William Cicero
Certain Aspects of Medical Practice in Ante-Bellum Burke County1959Phifer, Edward William
Chasing Demons20039780595291236French, Christy Tillery
Cheetah Diaries, The20129781468167702Hardy, R. K.
Chefs of the Mountains20129780895875815Batchelor, John E.
Chemistry and Other Stories20079780312425081Rash, Ron
Cheri on Top20119780312536213Donovan, Susan
Cherokee, The19899781555466954Perdue, Theda
Cherokee1957Tracy, Donald Fiske
Cherokee Basketry20099781596297210Fariello, Mary Anna
Cherokee Boy1957Key, Alexander Hill
Cherokee Carving20139780976892311Fariello, Mary Anna
Cherokee Cooklore1951Chiltoskey, Mary Ulmer
Cherokee Fair & Festival1979Chiltoskey, Mary Ulmer
Cherokee Frontier: 1740-1762, The1962Corkran, Jr., David Hudson
Cherokee Heritage Trails Guidebook20039780807854570Duncan, Barbara Reimensnyder;
Riggs, Brett High
Cherokee Little People Were Real20149780991181513Joyce, Mary A
Cherokee Plants and Their Uses1975Chiltoskey, Mary Ulmer
Cherokee Pottery20119781609490577Fariello, Mary Anna
Cherokee Removal, The19959780312122546Green, Michael D.;
Perdue, Theda
Cherokee Star, The20071425974856Wetherby, Carolyn Leah
Cherokee Stories of the Past20109781878177209Cantrell, Roy
Cherokee Words with Pictures1972Chiltoskey, Mary Ulmer
Chill Factor20059780743245548Brown, Sandra
Christy1967Marshall, Sarah Catherine Wood
Cicada Year, The20169781537126418Kay, Kiesa
Circle of Grace20049780385510134Stokes, Penelope J.
Clinchfield No. 1: Tennessee’s Legendary Steam Engine, The20149781626195967Peoples, A. J.;
Stevens, Mark A.
Clingmans Dome: Highest Mountain in the Great Smokies20139781609497880Spencer, Marci
Clothes for a Summer Hotel19809780811208710Williams, Thomas Lanier
Coal: A Poetry Anthology20069780976881711Green, Chris
Cock's Spur, The20029780895872302Price, Charles Fred
Coffee Rings20049781593103392Lehman, Yvonne
Cold Mountain19979780802142849Frazier, Charles Robinson
Cold Mountain Bomber Crash20059780977210107Cannon, Doris Rollins
Color of My Heart, The20129781620201145Byrd, Sarah Martin
Color of Your Skin Ain’t the Color of Your Heart, The2004764227025Phillips, Michael Ray
Come Go Home with Me19959780807866467Adams, Sheila Kay
Come Snow fer Christmas1947Bell, Corydon Whitten
Come Walk With Me20079781416524571Medlicott, Joan Avna
Common Life, A20029780142000342Karon, Jan Meredith
Common Problem, The1929Porter, Sara Lindsay Coleman
Condensed History of Flat Rock, A1961Patton, Sadie Smathers
Corona of the Nantalhalas1895Pendleton, Louis Beauregard
Cotton Top1953O'Neill, Jean
Couch Family Genealogy, 1743-2007: Descendants of Joshua Couch & Jane Edwards, Wilkes County, North Carolina2007Couch, Samuel Jason
Countertenor Wore Garlic, The20119780984484621Schweizer, Mark
Country Doctor in the South Mountains, A1955Washburn, Benjamin Earle
County Government and County Affairs in Ashe County, N.C.1925Wager, Paul Woodford
County Government and County Affairs in Caldwell County, N.C.1926Wager, Paul Woodford
Cove, The20129780061804199Rash, Ron
Covington Christmas, A20069781416524861Medlicott, Joan Avna
Cradle Lake20139781605425108Malfi, Ronald Damien
Creek Frontier: 1540-1783, The1967Corkran, Jr., David Hudson
Crescendo20139780989780001Ledford, Deborah J.
Crimson Frost20129780758281463Estep, Jennifer
Crossing, The1904Churchill, Winston
Crossroads Café, The2006976876051Smith, Deborah
Cudgel, The1950Polsky, Thomas
Curse of the Raven Mocker, The20030374316678Youmans, Marly
Dally1891Pool, Maria Louise
Dance of Life20039780803496026Mayr, Ilsa
Danger in a Small Town20089780373442898Aiken, Ginny
Dangerous Undertaking20039781590580554de Castrique, Mark
Daniel Boone Wagon Train1964Whitener, Daniel Jay
Dark Energy20159780143128069Morgan, Robert Ray
Dark Frost20129780758266965Estep, Jennifer
Darker Grows the Valley1947Kroll, Harry Harrison
Darker Justice, A20029780553582710Bissell, Sallie
Dawn's Early Light19889780942399028Henderson, Chip;
Morris, Glenn
Day of Small Things, The20109780385342636Lane, Vicki
Day to Pick Your Own Cotton, A20039780764227011Phillips, Michael Ray
Dead Ends20129780727881748Balzo, Sandra
Dead Ringer19949780821744697Kelner, Toni L. P.
Dead Season, The20129780977329649Ball, Donna Rochelle
Deadly Beauty20109780984613731Land, Dixie
Deadly Donuts20139781490480305Beck, Jessica
Dear Editor1944Wright, Watkins Eppes
Death in a Sunny Place1971Lockridge, Frances Louise Davis;
Lockridge, Richard Orson
Death of a Damn Yankee19999781575666860Kelner, Toni L. P.
Death on the Mountain1931Ogburn, Dorothy
Debunked2004Woo, Alexander
Deep Fried Homicide20149781496113870Beck, Jessica
Delectable Mountains, The1901Colton, Arthur Willis
Devil's Courthouse, The20109781448947836Thackston, Lawrence
Diamondback20079781933836430Bowie, Phil
Distance from the Heart of Things19969780395860311Warlick, Ashley
Divine Appointments20039781591605072Christon, Michele
Diva Wore Diamonds, The20099780972121156Schweizer, Mark
Doctor for Barbara, A1956Brucker, Margaretta
Dog's Way Home, A20119780061986741Pyron, Bobbie
Don't Tell20039780755371150Rose, Karen
Double Dog Dare20139780985774844Ball, Donna Rochelle
Double Man, The1957Fenton, Elinor Pryor
Down Home Murder19939781587249112Kelner, Toni L. P.
Down, Down the Mountain1934Credle, Ellis
Dr. Jane Carswell: Family Physician, Humanitarian, Friend20189781717108685Griffith, Gretchen
Dream Lover20119781595130426Stern, Peggy Poe
Dream of Wolves, A20009780060932367White, Michael C.
Dreams Don’t Last20029780373268481Lavene, James;
Lavene, Joyce
Dresses, Dreams, Beadwood Leaves20099781932158854Ebel, Julia Taylor
Driven to Distraction20049780373765683Browning, Dixie Burrus
Drop Dead Chocolate20129781250001054Beck, Jessica
Drops of the Night20069781933251295Duncan, Julia Nunnally
Drovers' Gold1961Street, Julia Montgomery
Drummer's Rest1931Ewing, Edward Hilts
Dying Business, A2009de Castrique, Mark
Early Tourism in Western North Carolina20049780738516134Compton, Stephen C.
Echoes of Happy Valley1962Hickerson, Thomas Felix
Echoes of a Log Cabin1976Herring, Ethel
Emeralds in the Snow20049781932158564Bishop, Maggie
Enigma of Thomas Wolfe, The1953Walser, Richard Gaither
Eoneguski1836Strange, Robert
Eros and Illinois1980Wood III, Ira David
Esther's Gift20029780670031214Karon, Jan Meredith
Etta Mae's Worst Bad-Luck Day20149780670024377Ross, Ann B.
Eureka Mill19989781891885266Rash, Ron
Even Now20019780446527620Kelly, Susan Stafford
Evensong19999780345434777Godwin, Gail Kathleen
Evil Eclairs20119780312541071Beck, Jessica
Explorations19849780961385903Dykeman Stokely, Wilma
Eyes Unto the Hills1951Moore, Bertha Belle
Face of Appalachia: Portraits from the Mountain Farm, The20039780393057874Barnwell, Timothy
Families, Friends, and Felons20089780557020607Daniels, Jimmie;
Hardy, Michael C.
Family Connections Along the Blue Ridge19959781566640831Adams, Margaret Bickel
Family of Earth20169781469630540Dykeman Stokely, Wilma
Far Appalachia20019780385320139Adams, Noah
Far Family, The19669780961385958Dykeman Stokely, Wilma
Farewell, I'm Bound to Leave You19979780312146009Chappell, Fred Davis
Fast Track20089780758227140Kuczkir, Mary
Fatal Undertaking20109781590588017de Castrique, Mark
Fatally Frosted20119781250005403Beck, Jessica
Fiddler of the Mountains20139781578648320Wike, Eva Nell Mull
Fiddler's Fancy1955Street, Julia Montgomery
Fifth Skull, The20089780871525611Garren, Terrell T.
Final Day, The20179780765376732Forstchen, William R.
Final Undertaking20079781590585191de Castrique, Mark
Fire Gazer20099780979396113McGuire, Kevin Burton
Firefighting in Buncombe County20149781467121804Lawrence, Brian
Firescalds Road To The Sky, The20099781603831314Jones, Cleveland
First Creation20099780971013049Shaffner, Randolph Preston
First Murder in Advent20069781594145278Wildwind, Sharon Grant
First Shall Be the Last, The20079780803498389Lavene, James;
Lavene, Joyce
Fitzgerald Ruse, The20099781590586297de Castrique, Mark
Five-Star Trails Asheville20119780897329200Davis, Jennifer Pharr
Five-Star Trails: Asheville: 35 Spectacular Hikes in the Land of Sky20189781634040969Davis, Jennifer Pharr
Flames of the Blue Ridge1919Dorrance, Ethel Arnold Smith;
Dorrance, James French
Flat Rock20049780738516578Reuther, Galen
Flat Rock Harvest20069781597150286Hubbell, David Smith
Flora20139781620401200Godwin, Gail Kathleen
Fly Fishermen of Caldwell County: North Carolina Life Stories20159781511720625Griffith, Gretchen
Foolish Undertaking20069781590582275de Castrique, Mark
Foolscap20029781570717574Malone, Michael Christopher
Foot Prints on the Sands of Time1900Cox, Aras B.
For the Last Time20029780373268344Lavene, James;
Lavene, Joyce
Forests of the Night20059780312271800Hall, James Wilson
Forget about Murder20009780425173435Squire, Elizabeth Daniels
Forgotten Door, The19659780838202647Key, Alexander Hill
Forty-Nine Fun and Inexpensive Things to Do in the Smokies with Children19939780963186126Parham, Jim
Franklin20139781467120241Jackson, Cherry;
McRae, Barbara
Free Bird20029780758201393Garrett, Greg
Freedom's Altar19999780895871770Price, Charles Fred
French Broad, The19559780961385989Dykeman Stokely, Wilma
From the Banks of the Oklawaha19769781566641388Fitzsimons, Frank L.
From the Heart of Covington20029780312988258Medlicott, Joan Avna
From My Highest Hill1941Dargan, Olive Tilford
From This Day Forward1967Cranford, Fred P.
Fugitive King, The20021933523212Shaber, Sarah Rock
Gap Creek19999781616201760Morgan, Robert Ray
Gardens of Covington, The2001312980124Medlicott, Joan Avna
Gaudy Place, The19739780807119341Chappell, Fred Davis
Gena of the Appalachians19109781117343914Wallin, Clarence Monroe
Gentle's Holler20059780670059980Madden, Kerry
Get Rufus!20089781566642736Terrell, Bob
Ghost on Black Mountain20119781451606423Hite, Ann
Ghost Riders20039780525947189McCrumb, Sharyn
Ghost Stories and Legends of the Mountains1935Patton, Sadie Smathers
Ghost Tales of the Uwharries1968Morgan, Fred Troy
Ghosts of the Southern Mountains and Appalachia1988Roberts-Brown, Nancy Correll
Gift from the Hills1958Blythe, William LeGette;
Morgan, Lucy Calista
Girl20109780982539644Bare, Bart
Girl Called Boy, A19829780395310229Hurmence, Belinda
Girl In Checks, The1892Daniel, James Walter
Girl of the Blue Ridge, A1915Erskine, Emma Payne
Girls With Hammers20049781560234753Chadwick, Cynn
Glazed Murder20109780312946104Beck, Jessica
Glenwood School, 1904-197220069781596291102Buchanan, H. Richard;
Haney, Jr., James Lawton;
Jarrett, Jeanette Rumfelt;
Worthen, Nora Sprouse
Glimpses of Henderson County, North Carolina20149781626196933Ruscin, Terry
Glory’s Last Victim20049780803496385Lavene, James;
Lavene, Joyce
Goat That Went to School, The1940Credle, Ellis
God Can Use Anyone - Even Me: The Charles Pickens Story20099781935130055McAfee, Patricia A.;
Pickens, Charles Edward
Gods and One, The1941Hannum, Alberta Pierson
God's Fool20029780375402166Slouka, Mark
Going Home to Zion20059781933251097West, John Foster
Gold Mines in North Carolina20049780738517360Hairr, John;
Powell, Joey
Gold: "Shining Dust" in the Cultural History of McDowell County, North Carolina2004Haney, Jr., James Lawton;
Swann, Anne Landis
Goliath20129780312675011Woodring, Susan
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