Fayetteville is a real city/town in North Carolina.

Note: Located in Cumberland County

Authors Associated With Fayetteville

Born in Fayetteville
Councill, William Hooper
Fulton, David Bryant
Harris, Bertha
Harriss, Robert Preston
Hilliard, Henry Washington
McKeithen, Madge
McLaurin, Tim
Miller, Monique
Morgan, David T.
Owen, Howard Wayne
Lived in Fayetteville
Chesnutt, Charles Waddell
Colonnese, Michael
Dunlap, Annette
Friedlander, Brett
Green, Wharton Jackson
Greene, Robin
Maurer, Kevin
McCullers, Lulu Carson Smith
Mumau, Thad
Pendleton, James
Perkins, Suzetta
Rowell, David
Said, Omar Ibn
Spence, James R.
Strange, Robert
Turnage, Leceila
Vaughn, Edward

Literature mentioning or taking place in Fayetteville

Colleges and Universities located in Fayetteville