Greenville is a real city/town in North Carolina.

Note: Located in Pitt County

Authors Associated With Greenville

Born in Greenville
Bridgers, Sue Ellen
Cheatham, James Theodore
O'Leary, Patsy Baker
Owens, Tim
Whedbee, Charles Harry
Lived in Greenville
Albright, Alex
Aronson, Stuart
Atkinson IV, Lawrence Rush
Babits, Lawrence Edward
Bauer, Margaret Donovan
Bennett, M. Todd
Bizzaro, Patrick
Blackstock, Walter
Boccaccio, Mary
Boettger, Peter
Bradsher, Bethany
Calhoun, Charles W.
Carlson, Arthur Larentz
Cheatham, James Theodore
Collins, Donald E.
Daniel III, Hal Jefferson
Davenport, Matthew J
Davis, Terrence Albert
De Mille, Henry Churchill
Eamon, Thomas
Ellenwood, Henry Small
Ewen, Charles Robin
Fansler, Billie Luck
Fletcher, Inglis Clark
Green, Charles Sylvester
Kammerer, Roger E.
Oakley, Christopher Arris
Pearce, Candace
Prokopowicz, Gerald J.
Reynolds, Matthew
Sauter, Dale
Silverthorne, Marty
Sneed, Brandon
Spence, Keith
Tucker, John Allen
Whedbee, Charles Harry

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