Hunter, Faith

Personal Information

Pseudonym/ Also Know As
Gwen Hunter
  • Gender: Female; Ethnicity: W.
  • Born in 1956.

Included Titles By Hunter, Faith

Here are some other books by the author:
Science Fiction & Fantasy Fiction
Jane Yellowrock Series
Skinwalker, Roc, 2009
Blood Cross, Roc, 2010
Mercy Blade, Roc, 2011
Death's Rival, Roc, 2012
Blood Trade, Roc, 2013
Rogue Mage Series
Bloodring, Roc, 2006
Host, Roc, 2007
Seraphs, Roc, 2008

Written as Gwen Hunter
Shadow Valley, Mira Books, 2005
Bloodstone, Mira Books, 2006
Blackwater Secrets, Bella Rosa Books, 2007
Sleep Softly, Mira Books, 2008
Rapid Descent, Mira Books, 2009
Ashes to Ashes, Bella Rosa Books, 2010
DeLande Series
Betrayal, Pocket Books, 1994
Law of the Wild, Bella Rosa Books, 2005
False Truths, Pocket Books, 1995
Rhea Lynch, M.D. Series
Delayed Diagnosis, Mira Books, 2001
Prescribed Danger, Mira Books, 2002
Deadly Remedy, Mira Books, 2003
Grave Concerns, Mira Books, 2004
The Garrick Travis Novel
Death Warrant, Warner Books, 1990
Death Sentence, Warner Books, 1992

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