King, J. A.

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    Here are some other books by the author:
    Performance of NACA Eight-Stage Axial-Flow Compressor Designed on the Basis of Airfoil Theory, Defense Technical Information Center, 1944, et. al.
    The Characterization of Five Du Pont Fibers for Industrial Applications, N.C. State College, School of Textiles, 1958
    An Approach to Renewal, Slough Borough Council, 1964
    Testing Pumps in Air, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 1967
    Economic Development Projects and their Appraisal, Wolters-Noordhoff, 1967
    Method and Composition for Improving and Maintaining the Capacity of Water Injection Wells, 1967
    Surfactant-Waterflooding Process, 1966
    Method of Increasing Oil Recovery, 1967
    The Transient Performance of a Hydraulic-Turbine-Driven Inducer, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, 1969, et. al.
    Secondary Recovery of Petroleum, 1968, et. al.
    Distributional Impact of Energy Policies, 1977
    Estimating Household Energy Expenditures in the Phase I Comprehensive Human Resources Data System, 1977
    Electrotechnology. Volume 1. Wastewater Treatment and Separation Methods, Ann Arbor Science Publishers, 1978
    Catalog of Organic Chemical Industries Unit Processes, MITRE Corp., 1979, et. al.
    The Process of Evaluation Use in Local School Settings, 1982, et. al.
    Oil-Shale Utilization at Morgantown, WV, 1982, et. al.
    Report on the Vitrification and Devitrification of Hanford, Washington Soil, 1983, et. al.
    Approximate Formulas for Line Capacitance and Characteristic Impedance of Microstrip Line, MIT, 1985, et. al.
    Hydrogen Induced Dislocation Motion and Generation, Univ. of Oklahoma, 1985
    Improved Catalysts for Coal Liquefaction, 1986, et. al.
    Engine Component Heating and Cooling Assembly, 1989
    Preparation of a Titania-Alumina Supported Hydrogenation Catalyst for Coal Liquefaction Applications, 1988, et. al.
    Development and Evaluation of Surface Treatments to Enhance the Fiber-Matrix Adhesion in PAN-Based Carbon Fiber/Liquid Crystal Polymer Composites, Univ. of Wyoming, 1989

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