Ransom, Candice Farris

Personal Information

  • Gender: Female.
  • Born in 1952.

Included Titles By Ransom, Candice Farris

Here are some other books by the author:
The Silvery Past, Scholastic, 1982
Amanda, Scholastic, 1984
Susannah, Scholastic, 1984
Breaking the Rules, Scholastic, 1985
Emily, Scholastic, 1985
Kathleen, Scholastic, 1985
Blackbird Keep, Silhouette, 1986
Cat's Cradle, Silhouette, 1986
Nicole, Scholastic, 1986
Sabrina, Scholastic, 1986
Thirteen, Scholastic, 1986
The Day the Eighth Grade Ran the School, Scholastic, 1987
Fifteen at Last, Scholastic, 1987
Fourteen and Holding, Scholastic, 1987
Kaleidoscope, Crosswinds, 1987
Going on Twelve, Scholastic, 1988
My Sister, the Meanie, Scholastic, 1988
Millicent the Magnificent, Scholastic, 1989
My Sister, the Traitor, Scholastic, 1989
The Secret, Scholastic, 1989
Today Fifth Grade, Tomorrow the World, Willowisp, 1989
Almost Ten and a Half, Scholastic, 1990
My Sister, the Creep, Scholastic, 1990
There's One in Every Family, Scholastic, 1990
Funniest Sixth Grade Video Ever, Willowisp, 1991
Ladies and Jellybeans, Bradbury, 1991
The Love Charm, Willowisp, 1991
Sixth Grade High, Scholastic, 1991
Hocus-Pocus after School, Willowisp, 1992
Shooting Star Summer, Boyds Mills Press, 1992
The Big Green Pocketbook, HarperCollins, 1993
Third Grade Stars, Troll, 1993
We're Growing Together, Bradbury, 1993
Who Needs Third Grade?, Troll, 1993
Between Two Worlds, Scholastic, 1994
Jimmy Crack Corn, Carolrhoda Books, 1994
The Spitball Class, Archway/Minstrel, 1994
Third Grade Detectives, Troll, 1994
Why Are Boys So Weird?, Troll, 1994
More than a Name, Macmillan, 1995
When the Whippoorwill Calls, Tambourine Books, 1995
Fire in the Sky, Carolrhoda Books, 1996
One Christmas Dawn, Bridgewater, 1996
Teacher's Pest, Troll, 1996
Children of the Civil War, Carolrhoda Books, 1998
The Christmas Dolls, Walker, 1998
The Promise Quilt, Walker, 1999
Danger at Sand Cove, Carolrhoda Books, 2000
Liberty Street, Walker, 2003
Big Rigs, Lerner, 2005
Key to the Griffon's Lair, Mirrorstone Books, 2005
I Like Shoes, Children's Press, 2005
Willie McLean and the Civil War Surrender, Carolrhoda Books, 2005
Bones in the Badlands, Mirrorstone Books, 2006
Finding Day's Bottom, Carolrhoda Books, 2006
Giants in the Garden, Mirrorstone Books, 2006
Magicians in the Trunk, Mirrorstone Books, 2006
Secret in the Tower, Mirrorstone Books, 2006
Horses in the Wind, Mirrorstone Books, 2007
Riders in the Night, Mirrorstone Books, 2007
Signals in the Sky, Mirrorstone Books, 2007
Tractor Day, Walker, 2007
Seeing Sky-Blue Pink, Carolrhoda Books, 2007
Juvenile Non-Fiction
Listening to Crickets, Carolrhoda Books, 1993
So Young to Die, Scholastic, 1993
Maria von Trapp, Carolrhoda Books, 2001
Mother Teresa, Carolrhoda Books, 2001
George Washington, Lerner, 2002
Clara Barton, Lerner, 2003
Lewis and Clark, Lerner, 2003
Martha Washington, Lerner, 2003
Daniel Boone, Lerner, 2005
John Hancock, Lerner, 2005
Robert E. Lee, Lerner, 2005
Sam Collier and the Founding of Jamestown, Carolrhoda Books, 2006

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