Garrett, Greg

Personal Information

  • Gender: Male.

Included Titles By Garrett, Greg

Here are some other books by the author:
Cycling, Kensington, 2003
Shame, David C. Cook, 2009
The Gospel Reloaded, Pinon Press, 2003
Crossing Myself, NavPress, 2006
The Gospel According to Hollywood, John Knox, 2007
Holy Superheroes!, John Knox Press, 2008
Stories From the Edge, John Knox Press, 2008
The Voice of Hebrews, T. Nelson, 2008
The Voice of Mark, T. Nelson, 2008
No Idea Knows, David C. Cook, 2009
We Get to Carry Each Other, John Knox Press, 2009
One Fine Potion, Baylor University Press, 2010
The Other Jesus, John Knox Press, 2011

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