Howard, Linda

Personal Information

  • Gender: Female; Ethnicity: W.

Included Titles By Howard, Linda

Here are some other books by the author:
Romance Fiction
All That Glitters, Silhouette, 1982
An Independent Wife, Silhouette, 1982
Against the Rules, Silhouette, 1983
Come Lie with Me, Silhouette, 1984
Tears of the Renegade, Silhouette, 1985
Sarah's Child, Silhouette, 1985
The Cutting Edge, Silhouette, 1985
Midnight Rainbow, Silhouette, 1986
Almost Forever, Silhouette, 1986
Bluebird Winter, Silhouette, 1987
Diamond Bay, Silhouette, 1987
Heartbreaker, Silhouette, 1987
White Lies, Silhouette, 1988
MacKenzie's Mountain, Silhouette, 1989
A Lady of the West, Pocket Books, 1990
Duncan's Bride, Silhouette, 1991
Angel Creek, Pocket Books, 1991
The Touch of Fire, Pocket Books, 1992
MacKenzie's Mission, Silhouette, 1992
Heart of Fire, Pocket Books, 1993
Dream Man, Pocket Books, 1995
After the Night, Pocket Books, 1995
Shades of Twilight, Pocket Books, 1996
Son of the Morning, Pocket Books, 1997
Kill and Tell, Pocket Books, 1997
Now You See Her, Pocket Books, 1998
All the Queen's Men, Pocket Books, 1999
Mr. Perfect, Pocket Books, 2000
Open Season, Pocket Books, 2001
Strangers in the Night, Pocket Books, 2001
Strangers in the Night, Pocket Books, 2001
Dying to Please, Ballantine, 2002
Cry No More, Ballantine, 2003
Cover of Night, Ballantine, 2006
Up Close and Dangerous, Ballantine Books, 2007
Death Angel, Ballantine Books, 2008
Burn, Ballantine Books, 2009
Ice, Ballantine Books, 2009
Veil of Night, Ballantine Books, 2010

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