Kantra, Virginia

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    Here are some other books by the author:
    The Reforming of Matthew Dunn, Silhouette, 1998
    The Passion of Patrick MacNeill, Silhouette, 1999
    The Temptation of Sean MacNeill, Silhouette, 2000
    The Daddy Trap, Silhouette, 2001
    Born to Protect, Silhouette, 2001
    The Comeback of Con McNeill, Silhouette, 2001
    Mad Dog and Annie, Silhouette, 2001
    All a Man Can Do, Silhouette, 2002
    All a Man Can Ask, Silhouette, 2003
    All a Man Can Be, Silhouette, 2003
    Her Beautiful Assassin, Silhouette, 2003, et. al.
    Femme Fatale, Silhouette, 2003, et. al.
    Guilty Secrets, Silhouette, 2004
    Man of my Dreams, Jove Books, 2004, et. al.
    Close-Up, Berkley Sensation, 2005
    Stolen Memory, Silhouette, 2005
    Home Before Midnight, Berkley Sensation, 2006
    Over the Moon, Berkley Sensation, 2007
    Shifter, Berkley Sensation, 2008, et. al.
    Burning Up, Berkley Sensation, 2010
    Children of the Sea
    Sea Fever, Berkley Sensation, 2008
    Sea Witch, Berkley Sensation, 2008
    Sea Lord, Berkley Sensation, 2009
    Immortal Sea, Berkley Sensation, 2010
    Forgotten Sea, Berkley Sensation, 2011

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