Johnson-Acsadi, Gwynne

Personal Information

Pseudonym/ Also Know As
Gwynne Forster, Gwendoyln Z. Johnson, Gwendolyn Acsadi, Gwendolyn Johnson-Acsadi

Included Titles By Johnson-Acsadi, Gwynne

Sealed with a Kiss, Kensington, 1995
Against All Odds, Kensington, 1996
Ecstasy, Kensington, 1997
Obsession, Kensington, 1998
Against the Wind, Genesis, 1999
Fools Rush In, BET Books, 1999
Naked Soul, Genesis, 1999
Midnight Magic, Genesis, 2000
Secret Desire, BET Books, 2000
Swept Away, BET Books, 2000
Scarlet Woman, BET Books, 2001
Once in a Lifetime, Arabesque/BET, 2002
When Twilight Comes, Dafina Books, 2002
Flying High, Arabesque/BET, 2003
If You Walked in My Shoes, Kensington, 2004
Last Chance at Love, Arabesque/BET, 2004
After the Loving, Arabesque/BET, 2005
Love Me or Leave Me, Arabesque/BET, 2005
Whatever It Takes, Kensington, 2005
Her Secret Life, Kimani, 2006
McNeil's Match, Kimani, 2006
Unforgettable Passion, Kimani, 2006
When You Dance with the Devil, Dafina Books, 2006
Getting Some of Her Own, Dafina Books, 2007
Just the Man She Needs, Kimani, 2007

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