Whitham, Grace I.

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    Included Titles By Whitham, Grace I.

    Here are some other books by the author:
    The Last of the White Coats: A Story of Cavaliers and Roundheads, Seeley, 1905
    His Majesty's Glove: A Story of the Great Rebellion , Nelson, 1909
    Sir Sleep-Awake and His Brother, Blackie and Son, 1909
    The Lord of Marney: A Tale of the Days of St. Louis of France , Blackie and Son, 1910
    Captive Royal Children, Darton, 1911
    The Red Knight: A Tale of the Days of King Edward III, Blackie and Son, 1911
    The Shepherd of the Ocean and other Tales of Valour, Darton, 1914
    The Guarded Room, John Lane, 1921
    Marjorie Conyers, John Lane, 1921
    Stinging Nettles, Hodder & Stoughton, 1927
    Dick Chester, Blackie and Son, 1937

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