Wright, Watkins Eppes

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    Included Titles By Wright, Watkins Eppes

    Here are some other books by the author:
    Cheaters at Love, Phoenix, 1936
    Dairy maid, Gramercy, 1940
    Eventually Yours, Arcadia, 1941
    Heartbreak Honeymoon, Arcadia, 1941
    Listen, Lavinia, Arcadia, 1941
    Let's Pretend, Arcadia, 1942
    Frontier Nurse, Arcadia, 1943
    Nobody's Baby, Phoenix, 1943
    Two Hearts Doubled, Arcadia, 1943
    The Old Mill, Gramercy, 1944
    Excess wife, Phoenix, 1947
    Fall Girl, Phoenix, 1949
    Southern Belle, 1949
    Wild Passion, Quarter, 1949
    Love Can Wait, Bouregy & Curl, 1950
    Margie is for Loving, Quarter, 1950
    Theatrical Productions
    The White Elephant: A Three-act American Comedy, Baker, 1925
    Creepy Crest, Eldridge, 1929
    One Wild Oat: A Comedy in Three Acts, Baker, 1929
    This Love Business: A One-Act Comedy, Eldridge, 1930
    Pineville Meets the Prince, Eldridge, 1932

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