Stewart, Mariah

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    Here are some other books by the author:
    Six Weeks, Pocket Books, 1986
    A Different Light, Pocket Books, 1995
    Moments in Time, Pocket Books, 1995
    Devlin's Light, Pocket Books, 1997
    Wonderful You, Pocket Books, 1998
    Moondance, Pocket Books, 1999
    Brown-Eyed Girl, Pocket Books, 2000
    Voices Carry, Pocket Books, 2001
    The President's Daughter, Ivy, 2002
    Until Dark, Ivy, 2003
    Dead Certain, Ballantine, 2004
    Dead Even, Ballantine, 2004
    Dead Wrong, Ballantine, 2004
    Dead End, Ballantine, 2005
    Cold Truth, Ballantine, 2005
    Dark Truth, Ballantine, 2005
    Hard Truth, Ballantine, 2005
    Last Breath, Ballantine, 2007
    Last Look, Ballantine, 2007
    Last Words, Ballantine, 2007
    Mercy Street, Ballantine, 2008

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