North Caroliniana Society Imprints

H. G. Jones is the General Editor. These imprints are documentary publications that promote increased knowledge and appreciation of North Carolina heritage.

Albert Coates I Know, The (1979), Coates, Gladys Jane Hall
An Evening at Monticello (1978), Gill, Edwin Maurice
Center of the Universe (2007), Chappell, Fred Davis
Chancellors Extraordinary (1995), Friday, William Clyde
Chancellors Extraordinary (1995), Whichard, Willis Padgett
Collection and Publication of the Colonial Records of North Carolina, The (2010), Jones, Houston Gwynne
Collection and Publication of the Colonial Records of North Carolina, The (2010), Price, Jr., William Solomon
Coming of Age in North Carolina's Fifth Century (2003), Swalin, Martha Maxine McMahon
Emma Neal Morrison I Know, The (1989), Friday, Ida Willa Howell
Frank Hawkins Kenan (1992), Davis, Archie Kimbrough
Gallantry Unsurpassed (1985), Davis, Archie Kimbrough
Gertrude Sprague Carraway (1982), Ragan, Samuel Talmadge
Glimmers in the Gloaming (2002), Hanes, Frank Borden
Goodliest Land, The (2006), McCain, Betty Ray
Grandfathers, The (2010), Simpson, Bland
Growing Up in North Carolina (1993), Kuralt, Charles Bishop
Half Century in Coastal History, A (1987), Stick, David
Half Century with Rare Books, A (1991), London, Lawrence Foushee
Hayes: The Plantation, Its People, and Their Papers (2007), Zehmer, Jr., John Granderson
High Water Mark, The (1986), Davis, Archie Kimbrough
Historic Occasion, A (2009), Frye, Henry E.
Historic Occasion, A (2009), Frye, Shirley Taylor
Historical Consciousness in the Early Republic (1995), Jones, Houston Gwynne
John Fries Blair (1983), McCuiston, Margaret Blair
Mary and Jim Semans, North Carolinians (1986), Goodson, Walter Kenneth
My Father, Burke Davis (1990), Davis-Gardner, Angela
My Love Affair with Carolina (1998), Betts, Doris Waugh
Nathaniel Macon of North Carolina (2008), Price, Jr., William Solomon
North Carolina Conundrum (2005), Franklin, John Hope
Paul Green I Know, The (1978), Green, Elizabeth Atkinson Lay
Photographers in North Carolina (2004), Massengill, Stephen Edwin
Poetical Geography of North Carolina (1887), Cobb, Needham Bryan
Raleigh and Quinn (1987), Jones, Houston Gwynne
Reflections (2004), Ragland, Jr., William Trent
Richard Jenrette's Adventures in Historic Preservation (2000), Jones, Houston Gwynne
Robert W. Scott and the Preservation of North Carolina History (2009), Jones, Houston Gwynne
Roots and Branches (2001), Dykeman Stokely, Wilma
Sam Ervin I Know, The (1980), Ervin, Jean Conyers
Sam Ragan (1981), Morgan, Neil Bowen
Single but Huge Distinction, A (1999), Price, Edward Reynolds
Sixty Years with a Camera (1996), Morton, Hugh MacRae
Sketches In North Carolina, USA, 1872 to 1878 (2001), Jones, Houston Gwynne
Surprise of the Century (2009), Holshouser, Jr., James Eubert
Third of a Century in Senate Cloakrooms, A (1988), Cochrane, William McWhorter
Thomas Wolfe at Eighty-Seven (1988), Jones, Houston Gwynne
Thomas Wolfe of North Carolina (1982), Jones, Houston Gwynne
Thomas Wolfe's Composition Books (1990), Cotten, Alice R.
William B. Aycock (2007), Wegner, Judith Welch
William Clyde Friday and Ida Howell Friday (1984), Kyser, Georgia Carroll
William Clyde Friday and Ida Howell Friday (1984), Aycock, William Brantley
William Gaston as a Public Man (1997), Sanders, John L.
William P. Cumming and the Study of Cartography (1998), Cumming, Robert
William S. Powell, North Carolina Historian (1985), Stick, David
William S. Powell, North Carolina Historian (1985), Friday, William Clyde