Andrews, Ilona

Personal Information

    Ilona Andrews is a pseudonym for author couple Ilona and Gordon.
    Here are some other works by the author!:
    Kate Daniels World
    Blood Heir, NYLA, 2021
    Kate Daniels
    Small Magics, NYLA, 2015
    Magic Bites, Ace, 2009
    Magic Burns, Ace, 2008
    Magic Strikes, Ace, 2009
    Magic Bleeds, Ace, 2010
    Magic Slays, Ace, 2011
    Magic Rises, Ace, 2013
    Magic Breaks, Ace, 2014
    Magic Shifts, Ace, 2015
    Magic Binds, Ace, 2016
    Magic Triumphs, Ace, 2018

    N.C. Locations Associated with Andrews, Ilona

    Resided in:
    Mountains (Region)
    Studied at:
    Western Carolina University