Lazenby, Roland

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    Here are some other books by the author:
    Sampson: A Life Above the Rim, Golp Productions Unlimited, 1983
    The Second Season: Virginia's Rise to the Final Four, Full Court Press, 1984
    Georgetown the Championships and Thompson, Full Court Press, 1985
    Legends: A Pictorial History of Virginia Tech Football, Full Court Press, 1986
    Hoops: Confessions of a College Basketball Analyst, Contemporary Books, 1986
    Championship Basketball, Contemporary Books, 1987
    Pictorial History of American Football, Hamlyn, 1987
    Greatest Moments in Football, Exetera, 1987
    Fifty Years of the Final Four, Taylor Publishing Company, 1987
    Notre Dame Football, Bison Books, 1988
    One Hundred Greatest Quarterbacks, Magna Books, 1988
    The Super Bowl, Gallery Books, 1988
    College Basketball's 25 Greatest Teams, Sporting News, 1989
    The Detroit Pistons, 1989-90, Taylor Publishing Company, 1989
    The Official Boston Celtics Greenbook, Taylor Publishing Company, 1989
    Golden Moments of the Final Four, Taylor Publishing Company, 1990, et al.
    The Detroit Pistons, 1990-91, Taylor Publishing Company, 1990
    The NBA Finals, Taylor Publishing Company, 1990
    The Official Los Angeles Lakers Yearbook 90-91, Taylor Publishing Company, 1990
    The Boston Celtics 1990-91 Greenbook, Taylor Publishing Company, 1990
    Notre Dame, Smithmark, 1991
    The Detroit Pistons, 1991-92, Taylor Publishing Company, 1991
    The Golden Game, Taylor Publishing Company, 1991
    Greatest Moments in Football, Book Express, 1992
    Legacy: The Official Boston Celtics 1992-1993 Greenbook, Longstreet Press, 1992
    The Lakers, Masters Press, 1995
    Hoos 'N' Hokies, the Rivalry, Taylor Publishing Company, 1995
    And Now, Your Chicago Bulls, Taylor Publishing Company, 1995
    The NBA Finals: A Fifty Year Celebration, Masters Press, 1996
    Airballs!: Notes from the NBA's Far Side, Masters Press, 1996
    Bull Run: The Story of the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls, Taylor Publishing Company, 1996
    Yo Baby, It's Attitude!, Taylor Publishing Company, 1997
    SmashMouth: Attitude Between the Lines, Taylor Publishing Company, 1997
    Chicago Bulls: The Authorized Pictorial, The Summit Publishing Group, 1997
    Michael Jordan Scrapbook, Publications International, 1998
    Bulls: A Pocket Primer, Taylor Publishing Company, 1998
    Bird: Portrait of a Competitor, Taylor Publishing Company, 1998
    Stockton to Malone, Taylor Publishing Company, 1998
    Johnny Unitas, Triumph Books, 2002
    Mad Game, McGraw-Hill, 2002
    Tom Brady, Triumph Books, 2002
    Ichiro: The Making of an American Hero, Triumph Books, 2002
    The Pictorial History of Football, Thunder Bay Press, 2002
    Emmitt Smith, Triumph Books, 2002
    April 16th: Virginia Tech Remembers, Plume, 2007
    Jerry West, Ballantine Books, 2010
    Los Angeles Lakers Basketball Vault, Whitman Publishing, 2011
    Boston Celtics Basketball Vault, Whitman Publishing, 2011
    The NBA's Greatest Teams, Whitman Publishing, 2012
    The History of the Chicago Bulls, Whitman Publishing, 2013
    Mind Games: Phil Jackson's Long Strange Journey, Diversion Books, 2014
    Blood on the Horns: The Long Strange Ride of Michael Jordan's Chicago Bulls, Diversion Books, 2014

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