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Subject Overview

Civil Rights Greensboro (CRG) documents local issues and efforts in the fight for civil rights from World War II to 1980. These include protests, rallies, and demonstrations; desegregation and integration activities; social justice campaigns; and the history of race relations in the city. CRG includes material relating to well-known events, such as the 1960 sit-in at the Woolworth's lunch counter, the May 1969 shootout at North Carolina A&T, and the deadly anti-Klan/Nazi protest of 1979. However, materials in CRG also address less famous and more nebulous topics, including attempts in the 1950s to bring whites and African Americans together, issues related to school and college desegregation and integration, the rise of Black Power, and the role of specific individuals and organizations in civil rights activities. You can learn more about selected topics by reading essays and/or viewing related items below.

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