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Harry G. Boyte

Gender: Male

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Biographical/Historical note:

Boyte was born in North Carolina in 1911. He graduated from Elon College in North Carolina, and pursued graduate studies in political science at American University and the London School of Economics. In 1942 Boyte joined the American Red Cross and traveled extensively, while simultaneously being involved in numerous aspects of the civil rights movement. In Monroe, N.C., Boyte and his family hosted Freedom Riders and lent support to local NAACP leaders.

In 1963, Boyte began working for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., as a field secretary with the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, where he was the first white man on the staff. Boyte was later involved in desegregation efforts in Atlanta. He served as chairman of HOPE, Inc. (Help Our Public Schools) and as Executive Director of the Greater Atlanta Council on Human Relations. He was also instrumental in organizing an Atlanta chapter of the Unitarian Service Committee.

Boyte died in 1977.

Items created by this individual or group:
Item thumbnail image Letter from Harry G. Boyte to Sid Goldberg
Date: June 13, 1963
By: Harry G. Boyte
From: Boyte Family Papers
This June 13, 1963 letter from Harry G. Boyte to North American Newspaper Alliance editor Sid Goldberg details an altercation Boyte had with Greensboro Police Department Captain William Jackson while ...
Item thumbnail image Notes regarding meetings with Sarah Herbin and Tartt Bell
Date: April 23, 1963
By: Harry G. Boyte
From: Boyte Family Papers

These notes, dated April 23, 1963, relate to meetings the unidentified author, presumably Harry Boyte, had with Sarah Herbin and Tartt Bell, both of the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC)an...

Item thumbnail image Draft news article by Harry G. Boyte
Date: June 7, 1963
By: Harry G. Boyte
From: Boyte Family Papers
This June 7, 1963 draft of an article was written by Harry G. Boyte for the North American Newspaper Alliance, and concerns recent civil rights demonstrations in Greensboro. Boyte begins the article b...