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Edward Flud Burrows

Gender: Male

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Biographical/Historical note:

Edward Flud Burrows was born on August 17, 1917, and raised on a cotton farm in Sumter County, South Carolina. He graduated from Washington and Lee University and then earned a master’s degree from Duke University. He later received a Rosenwald scholarship to complete his doctorate in history from The University of Wisconsin.

As a conscientious objector in World War II, Burrows was sent to a Quaker [Friends] camp in the mountains of North Carolina, and later to Florida, where he served prison time for refusing to carry a draft card. Following his release from prison, he spent a year at the Race Relations Institute at Fisk University. While doing research for the Commission on Interracial Cooperation in Atlanta, he was hired to teach history at Quaker-affiliated Guilford College in 1948. While at Guilford, Burrows was active in promoting integration, especially as a member of the Faculty Forum, an interracial organization with membership from many of the local colleges.

Following his retirement from Guilford in 1979, Burrows participated in an organization promoting fairness in the investigation into the November 1979 Nazi-Klan shootout. He also wrote an autobiography, Flud: One Southerner's Story, published in 1989. Burrows died on December 17, 1998 at the age of 81.

Items created by this individual or group:
Item thumbnail image Oral history interview with Edward F. Burrows by William Link
Date: April 30, 1987
By: Edward Flud Burrows
From: GreensboroVOICES Collection

In this transcript of an April 30, 1987, oral history interview conducted by William Link with Edward F. Burrows, Burrows primarily discusses race relations in Greensboro during the 1950s and 1960s...

Item thumbnail image Letter from Edward F. Burrows to Benjamin L. Smith
Date: August 27, 1956
By: Edward Flud Burrows
From: Benjamin Lee Smith Papers
This 27, 1956 letter from Edward F. Burrows to Greensboro public school superintendent, Benjamin L. Smith, commends Smith for his support of school desegregation. Burrows writes that he has yet to dec...