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Frank L. B. Seaman, Mrs.

Gender: Female

Ethnicity: UNKNOWN

Biographical/Historical note: Mrs. Frank L. B. Seaman of Altamonte Springs, Florida, was the parent of a student enrolled at Woman's College in 1960. Her daughter, Eugenia ("Genie"), supported demonstrations to desegregate downtown businesses in Greensboro.

Items created by this individual or group:
Item thumbnail image Letter from parent of a WCUNC student about her daughter's participation in the Greensboro sit-ins
Date: June 3, 1960
By: Frank L. B. Seaman, Mrs.
From: Chancellor Gordon William Blackwell Records
This three-page handwritten letter, dated June 3, 1960, is a response to an earlier letter from Gordon Willam Blackwell, chancellor of Woman's College of the University of North Carolina (WCUNC, now T...