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Neo Black Society


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Biographical/Historical note: The Neo-Black Society (NBS) is a student organization formed in 1968 to serve the needs of African Americans at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro and the Greensboro community, and to promote unity among the university's African American students. In 1973, amidst charges of black separatism and discriminatory membership practices, the student government threatened to remove funding from the group. Later that year, several white students brought a lawsuit against the university and NBS to integrate the club. The Neo-Black Society remains a popular student organization on campus today.

Items created by this individual or group:
Item thumbnail image Changes in the Constitution of the Neo Black Society
Date: April 5, 1973
By: Neo Black Society
From: Neo-Black Society Records
These changes in the constitution of the Neo-Black Society, a UNCG student organization, were proposed at a time when the organization was redefining its role amid controversies of the group's classif...
Item thumbnail image Petition for black student lounge at UNCG
Date: February 16, 1971
By: Neo Black Society
From: Chancellor James Sharbrough Ferguson Records
This letter and petition for a black student lounge on the UNCG campus was submitted by Neo-Black Society coordinators Lauren Brown and Larry Williamson, February 16, 1970. The letter outlines the ne...