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James J. Kilpatrick

Gender: Male

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Biographical/Historical note: James J. Kilpatrick was born on November 1, 1920. He spent many years as the editor of the Richmond News-Leader and wrote the political column A Conservative View. He spent nine years as a debater on 60 Minutes, and appeared in the segment “Point-Counterpoint” during the seventies. In 1979 he joined the Universal Press Syndicate as a columnist. He went into semi-retirement in 1993, writing a weekly column on judicial issues, Covering the Courts. He retired the column in 2008. For many years he also wrote the syndicated column The Writer's Art on English usage. Due to health reasons he discontinued the column in January 2009. He is the author of The Foxes Union, Fine Print: Reflections on the Writing Art, and A Political Besitary.