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Jesse Jackson stirs black awareness

Date: April 15, 1984

Author: William D. Snider

Biographical/Historical abstract: William Snider (1920- ) served in editorial positions on both the Greensboro Record and Greensboro Daily News from 1951 to 1982.

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This Aptil 15, 1984 Greensboro News & Record editorial by William D. Snider reflects on North Carolina A&T State University (A&T) alumnus Jesse Jackson, during a year when Jackson was running to be the Democratic Party's nominee for president of the United States. Snider writes about Jackson's time as a student at A&T, including his activism in desegregating Greensboro's businesses in 1963 as well as some of his more recent political accomplishments. Snider credits Jackson with having an “electrifying influence on black awareness of public affairs.”

This article was clipped and saved in a scrapbook on race relations by Clarence “Curly” Harris, manager of the Greensboro Woolworth store at the time of the 1960 sit-ins that spawned lunch counter sit-ins across the South and rejuvenated the civil rights movement.


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