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Date: April 3, 1973

Author: unknown

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Description: In this April 3, 1973, editorial from The Carolinian, the student newspaper of The University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG), the newspaper questions the legality of Chancellor James Sharbrough Ferguson's decision to restore funding and recognition to the Neo Black Society, a student organization founded in 1968. Citing the Grant of Power and the Student Governament Association (SGA) constitution, the editorial questions whether the chancellor had the authority to override an SGA decision on allocation of student activity funds. The Student Government Association had voted on March 26, 1973 to reclassify (remove funding and recognition from) the Neo Black Society, based on allegations that the organization was discriminatory and possibly was in violation of an SGA prohibition against affiliations with political or religious organizations. The SGA decision was overturned by university administration on the basis of faulty evidence and improper procedure by SGA, resulting in an eventual legal filing by SGA members. At the beginning of the 1973-74 school year, the Neo Black Society was reinstated by SGA as a recognized and funded student organization after revising its constitution to reflect that membership was open to all students without regard to race.


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