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Notes on Interview with George Roach by William H. Chafe

Date: July 6, 1972

Author: William Henry Chafe

Biographical/Historical abstract: William H. Chafe, a scholar in race and gender, has been a member of the history faculty at Duke University since 1971. There, he has also served as Dean of Trinity College and Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education. Chafe is the author of Civilities and Civil Rights: Greensboro, North Carolina and the Black Struggle for Freedom.

Additional contributor: William Henry Chafe


This is a four-page, typed set of notes by William Chafe on a July 6, 1972, interview with George Roach. Shorthand is used throughout, including "GR" for "George Roach" and "GB" for "Greensboro." Chafe notes that Roach discussed Governor Luther Hodges’ actions regarding Brown v. Board of Education; local opposition to school desegregation; communication between blacks and whites in Greensboro; the 1960 sit-ins; and meeting with Edward Zane, A&T Dean William Gamble, and business owners. He also shared his support of integration and his high opinion of Greensboro. These interview notes form part of Duke history professor William Chafe’s research culminating in his 1980 book Civilities and Civil Rights.


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