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Communists Vow To Hold Sunday March

Date: November 5, 1979

Author: Mae Israel

Biographical/Historical abstract: Mae Israel was a staff writer for the Greensboro Daily News in 1979-1980.

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Description: In this November 5, 1979, article from the Greensboro Daily News, staff writer Mae Israel reports that Communist Workers Party (CWP) were planning a funeral march in honor of the five CWP members killed at an anti-Klan rally on November 3, 1979. Greensboro Police Chief William Swing stated that he will issue a parade permit only if the situation is not volatile. Reverend Frank Williams stated the the Morningside Homes community did not want a march through their neighborhood and that he had communicated this fact to CWP leader Nelson Johnson. Johnson also stated that the CWP would be bringing civil rights charges against the city of Greensboro and the FBI. The article contains reactions from civil rights leaders and politicians around the country.


Format of original: Newspaper Clippings

Collection: Miscellaneous Collection - J.A. Armfield Papers

Repository: Greensboro Historical Museum

Item#: 9.69.1243

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