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Neo-Black Society Records

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The records of the Neo-Black Society document this African American student organization since its inception at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG) in 1971. Materials include constitution, by laws, memos, reports, flyers, photographs, and audio visual materials dating from 1971 to the recent past.

Selected for inclusion in this project are materials pertaining to the UNCG Student Government Association’s reclassification of the student organization, due to its perceived exclusionary membership, which ultimately stripped the group's funding. Materials from this collection, as well as the Chancellor’s Ferguson’s records document reactions from the Neo-Black Society, the findings of an ad hoc faculty committee convened to advise the chancellor, and the legal action taken by white students when the SGA decision was reversed.

Repository: The University of North Carolina at Greensboro

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Item thumbnail image Letter from UNCG Chancellor Ferguson to Student Government Association regarding Neo-Black Society ruling
Date: April 17, 1973
By: James Sharbrough Ferguson
From: Neo-Black Society Records
In this letter to Student Government Association Vice President Cheryl Sosnik, UNCG Chancellor James S. Ferguson acknowledges the Student Senate's request for more information from the ad-hoc faculty ...
Item thumbnail image Students File Suit To Integrate Black Society at UNC-G
Date: May 1, 1973
By: David S. Greene
From: Neo-Black Society Records
This is a photocopy of an article that was published in the Greensboro Daily News on May 1, 1973, which reports on a lawsuit filed by five students against UNCG official...
Item thumbnail image Notes on Neo-Black Society membership
Date: June 1973
By: James H. Allen
From: Neo-Black Society Records
These notes drafted by UNCG Dean of Students, James H. Allen, reflect a phone conversation her had with a student (presumably white) who had recently joined the Neo-Black Society and had a positive ex...
Item thumbnail image Letter from attorney Michael Curtis regarding the Neo-Black Society hearing
Date: June 13, 1973
By: Michael Kent Curtis
From: Neo-Black Society Records
Greensboro attorney Michael Curtis represented the UNCG Student Senate in their appeal to the UNCG Board of Trustees to overturn Chancellor Ferguson's decision regarding the classification of the Neo-...
Item thumbnail image Letter from UNCG Dean of Students regarding the Neo-Black Society classification
Date: October 15, 1973
By: James H. Allen
From: Neo-Black Society Records
This letter from UNCG Dean of Students James Allen to Richard Robinson Jr., assistant to the President of the UNC system, outlines all the actions taken in the prior month regarding the reclassificati...
Item thumbnail image Frustrations the Carried the University of North Carolina at Greensboro Campus Within a Step of Violence
Date: December 9, 1973
By: Steven F. Blalock
From: Neo-Black Society Records
This 21-page paper outlines the series of events and issues surrounding the 1973 reclassification of the Neo-Black Society as a UNCG student organization. The UNCG Student Government Association recla...