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The Baldwin School: Yesterday and Today

The Baldwin School, Yesterday and Today


Eleanor Wonce
Clip 2—Description of Miss Baldwin/personal story

JA: What are some of your memories of Miss Baldwin?

EW: Kind, strict, loving in her way. She did not take foolishness off children. She said she really wanted children to be respectful to their elders. A giver. She let herself go for other people, for those children. Many of those children did not have tuition money. Miss Baldwin paid it.
I’m not ashamed to tell you, when my daughter went off to Shenandoah Valley Academy--you all ever heard of the Shenandoah? Okay, she went to Shenandoah Valley Academy. Miss Baldwin--I really didn’t have the down payment for her to go. And I was sitting in church and Miss Baldwin said, “Why you looking so sad?” I said, “It’s almost time for the child to go to Shenandoah. I don’t have the down payment.” She said, “I will give you so much.” She raised so much. She always would make the child give their contribution. But she said, “That child is going to church school.”
And that’s what she did for me. And I thank her to this day we was able to raise so much and then she gave so much. That child entered that school, worked, graduated with honors.
So she was a giver, very much a giver. She loved her church. She loved her sister and her brother. She took care of them. Both of them came back sick on Miss Baldwin. So she was a nurturer. That’s what we’ll call it. She was a nurturer. He came back. She took care of both of them till they died. Took care of her mother. She let self go for others, that’s how I can sum it up.