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The Baldwin School: Yesterday and Today

The Baldwin School, Yesterday and Today


Eleanor Wonce
Clip 1—Impact of Miss Baldwin

JA: Now do you go to the Seventh Day Adventist Church?

EW: Yes. I started going when my daughter was four. We was going to church on Sunday and she was, she wanted to go on Saturday. So I wanted to see what was going on, why this child wanted to go to church on Saturday, what’s going on, this a cult around here? So I went, started seeing what she was liking about the church. And she was coming home telling me about sermon. What is this, a four-year-old talking about sermon. And she said, “Mama, I prayed in church today,” because Miss Baldwin, Miss Baldwin did not let you do anything without prayer. And Miss Baldwin taught them how to pray. And so I started going with her and by the time she was round about six or seven, I joined, and we’ve been there ever since. And like I said, she went all the way through school there. Yes. And I’m glad I did.

JA: So is there a big difference between, like, a Seventh Day Adventist school and other schools other than--

EW: It’s the discipline, the Bible and the discipline. It makes a big--Miss Baldwin, she was not afraid--and you know now how it is--she was not afraid to discipline your children, your child. And then she would let you know she disciplined. And you had to go by certain codes for her. You could be even [a]sleep--she, sometimes she would take a nap but she--the children be reciting the Bible and they do it wrong. She’ll just wop them. And they got back in line. But she said that God’s words should always be first. She would not let those children eat, she would not let them walk in that classroom without prayer first. And, and what I see the big impact personally with me--my daughter is a social worker, like I said. But she’s in Omaha, Nebraska, [unclear] to start--her and her husband--to start a church school, Seventh Day Adventist church school. So the impact has lingered. Which she probably wouldn’t have never done that if she hadn’t never went to Baldwin Chapel.