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The Baldwin School: Yesterday and Today

The Baldwin School, Yesterday and Today


Janice Clark
Clip 8óGrowing up Seventh Day Adventist in High Point

JD: Do you remember what it was like growing up as Seventh Day Adventist in High Point?

JC: Well, you know, to me it was kind of strict, you know, because I guess I didnít, I didnít understand why--they didnít tell us why, either, then, back then--this is the way things work. You went to church on Saturday. You didnít eat pork. You didnít wear jewelry. You didnít wear makeup. You abstained from having sex. You donít kiss a boy, you know. You donít--you stay pure.
And every Friday, you know, every Friday before sunset, you had to make sure all your working stuff was done before sunset Friday because from sunset Friday to sunset Saturday you didnít do anything but pray and read the Bible, you know. So you didnít do anything, you know, you just prepared for the Sabbath. That was our Sabbath.
And I didnít understand why we had to do that, you know, but I went along with it, you know. And then after, after that, as I said, we would pray, read the Bible, then go to bed. Because the next day, we knew, was the Sabbath, and weíd go to church and weíd have church and everything.
And then soon as sunset hit, you were allowed. You could eat all the beef you want but you canít eat pork. We would have a social, what they call a social, and that consists of hamburgers, hot dogs, you know. Theyíd be selling hamburgers and hot dogs, potato chips. Weíd eat the real beef or vegetarian beef--meat, rather. Weíd do that after sunset on Saturday.
And that was my lifestyle, growing up like that. And I--but I didnít understand why, you know. Why we had to live like that because I didnít see anybody else living like that, you know what Iím saying? And we--they followed the rules of the Ten Commandments, you know.
And I would say, ďBoy, itís so hard to do that, and canít nobody do that, you know.Ē And I would say, ďLord, you got to help me do that because itís hard to live like this, by the Ten Commandments.Ē Thou shalt not kill. Well, I ainít going to kill nobody. Iím definitely not going to do none of that. Thatís not still one I got to worry about. Itís hard not to tell a lie, you know, it really is, especially when you done got yourself in trouble.
But I tried to live by the rules and regulations of it. But it was hard. And then after I got older I realized what the church was and everything and what God expects. But growing up as an Adventist to me was very strict, very hard.