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The Baldwin School: Yesterday and Today

The Baldwin School, Yesterday and Today


Janice Clark
Clip 6—School day

JD: I was wondering how classes were taught.

JC: Well, okay. The first thing she would do in the morning, we’d have what you’d call devotion where we would, of course, salute the flag. And then we’d recite a Bible verse--the Ten Commandments, we’d recite the Ten Commandments, then we’d pledge allegiance to the flag. Then we had breakfast for those that didn’t have breakfast. And that consisted of, you know, a bowl of cereal and some milk.
Okay. And then the first, the first class would be reading. She would start off with, you know, a section of children for reading. Then the other teachers, they would have one with arithmetic, which we call math now--she would call arithmetic. And then the other one, we’d have one we’d call history, you know.
But there was three different age groups. And when you finished with your reading, you’d go over with your arithmetic, whichever one, whichever class, whichever teacher you had, then you’d go. That’s how it started off every day, every day.
Then we’d break for lunch. You know, we all had to go wash our hands, line up, wash our hands, and then walk over to the house. You’d walk over to the house and you’d sit there, you know, at the table and wait until your plate comes. Then after you eat, you get up, you know, and then the next set of kids would come in and they’d eat.
And that’s how it was done. It was nice. It was done orderly, as they say, you know. We would eat and leave and the next set of kids would eat and leave until everybody had gotten they full. Some of them would of course want seconds, you know, [laughs] because it was just that good.

JD: Was that allowed?

JC: Yeah, they’d make sure we were full. Nobody left there hungry. No child would ever leave hungry. If you didn’t get enough then that’s because you just had a bottomless pit, [laughs] believe me.