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The Baldwin School: Yesterday and Today

The Baldwin School, Yesterday and Today


Janice Clark
Clip 11—Mulberry tree

JA: Was there anything else, like any other stories or anything you wanted to talk about?

JC: No, not right now.
Mulberry tree, used to be out in the back of the, back of the house. It’s still there, that mulberry tree. Because there’s the, where the school is now, right where the house is, that used to be a field, and in that field we used to have peaches and apples and grapes and a mulberry tree. And Miss Rosetta always knew where to find us, in that mulberry tree.
And we’d tell a lie, you know, and she’d wash our mouth out with lye soap. Actually, actually wash our mouth with lye soap. Because she’d ask us had we been in the mulberry tree, “No ma’am.” Lips purple, now, and the tips of your hands are purple, and you going to say, “No ma’am.” She would get us every time.
That mulberry tree is still there. And you haven’t had a pie until you’ve had a mulberry pie. Oh it’s good. It’s better than blueberries, better than strawberries. That tree is there right to this day and it still yields them berries, every year. It’s time to get over there during the summer and pick them trees, pick me some berries because it is--they are so good.
But yes sir, we used to climb that mulberry tree. Get you a little bucket, fix you a little bucket, then wash them mulberries off. Boy, put some sugar on them bad boys, mm, mm, mm. That was, now that was good eating. You could eat that for lunch if you didn’t want nothing else. We’d trade sandwiches, that’s what we’d do, all these children. We would trade sandwiches, you know, to get you mulberry pie. That was fun times, though, that was fun times.