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The Baldwin School: Yesterday and Today

The Baldwin School, Yesterday and Today


Janice Clark
Clip 10—Growing up with four brothers

JD: How did you get along with your brothers? [laughs]

JC: They didn’t want me going nowhere with them. I was a little tomboy. And Julius would fight me all the time. Me, him, and Lester would stay in fights because they didn’t want me going nowhere. And wherever they wanted to go, I wanted to go, what they wanted to do, I wanted to do.
And I’ll never forget, they were playing football one day and I wanted to play football too. And they didn’t want me to play football. Bobby said, “Mama, make Janie Lee go back home! Ain’t nothing out here but boys and she wants to play football and there ain’t no girls out here playing no football.” And he swung at me, hit me in my nose, made my nose bleed.
And I went off, I went slam off. I started swinging, boy, and Lester just happened to get in the way. And when he got in the way, I bit a plug out, I almost bit a plug out of his back. [growls] “You know, now you know not to get close enough to her to let her bite you!” And I was swinging and fighting.
We fought all the time. I was getting ready to get a whooping, I took off running. And they--I would’ve been another Wilma Rudolph if I’d have stayed straight. I’d’ve been another Wilma Rudolph because they couldn’t catch me running. I was the fastest thing on the track. Never beat me running. But we fought like cats and dogs.
But I tell you what, you better not let nobody else try to mess with me. All I do is call on my brothers and all three of them would come, sure would. They have my back. They could fight me, but you couldn’t fight me.