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The Baldwin School: Yesterday and Today

The Baldwin School, Yesterday and Today


Jeff Faust
Clip 1óCommunity perception of Miss Baldwin

LL: How was, how was Rosetta Baldwin seen in the community? You said you heard about her from another parent. How--Did you hear about from anyone else? Or what did those parents think?

M: Oh, they thought she was just wonderful. And she was just a sweet little lady. And you never did get in the car without her praying--she was still driving--without her praying. And I thought that was just wonderful. For her to be at that age, still driving, you know. But she put the Lord first, Iíll tell you that. And she was a good teacher, too.
The background for him to go to first grade was great. He went good all through school.

JF: I can remember to this day, she had a presence about her, a spiritual type thing--

M: She did.

JF: --that was overwhelming. It demanded your attention. And she was soft spoken so you had to--you know, she commanded everything that went on around her. And now that Iím older and have had more experiences I know that, you know, it was a spiritual thing.

LL: Can you remember any particular stories or anything about--? Iíve heard stories about Mrs. Balwin.

JF: The one thing that I can remember her saying to me is to be patient. She used to say, ďJeff, be patient. Now, just calm down, be patient.Ē And thatís, you know, thatís the only thing that stood out with me.