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The Baldwin School: Yesterday and Today

The Baldwin School, Yesterday and Today


Barbara Collier
Clip 5óLearning Materials

AH: Eleanor Wonce showed us some of the things that Miss Baldwin used to teach with. She had some flash cards. And I noticed that some of them have white children on them. Did you notice that at the time, or did you think anything about it, like the school books and things like that?

BC: Okay, yeah. All of them had little white kids in it with blond hair and a little dog named Spot. Spot, that was his name, and that was it. They didnít, we, no, we didnít have ourselves in any book. Sheís right about that. All of them had little white kids on it, running, blond hair, and the dog Spot.

AH: Did you think anything about it then? Or what did you think about it?

BC: No. I didnít think anything about it because I just didnít think anything about because I thought, back then, I just thought we were all the same. Because see, I didnít think, I didnít see a lot of white people, right? I just didnít seeówe would go downtown to shop on Saturday. Thatís when I saw the white people. And that was it. I didnít see them at church. I didnít see them at school. That was the only day I saw them, on Saturday when we went downtown to shop. Or when we went to eat. But I didnít think anything about it back then. And I saw them on TV. Thatís about it. But I was never afraid of them.