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The Baldwin School: Yesterday and Today

The Baldwin School, Yesterday and Today


Barbara Collier
Clip 1—Bible Lessons

AH: How’d your parents pick Miss Baldwin’s school for you instead of public school?

BC: At the time we lived like two streets over from where, you know, this particular school was located. And it was a good Christian school. Only thing she taught was the Bible. She was the first person that taught me the Lord’s Prayer. And I was only three years old and I knew it word for word for word.
And every day she would give us a Bible lesson. So first week, she told us about Adam and Eve. And she would always say, “And stay out of my bushes. Stay out of my bushes.” That’s how I remember that story. So every time we would see one another we’d say, “Stay out of the bushes! Just stay out of her bushes.” So we would always see somebody hiding behind the school or something, “Stay out of the bushes!” That’s how we remember Adam and Eve, right?
Well, next week she told us about Cain and Abel. And in the end she said, “And don’t kill your brother!” I said, “Well, I don’t have a brother.” Well, I had one, but he was older. He was like, my brother was like 18. But I was saying I don’t have a brother right here. My sister was there and she was like one or two, I don’t know. If I was three or four she was only one or two years old. She said, “Well, don’t kill your sister!”