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The Baldwin School: Yesterday and Today

The Baldwin School: Yesterday and Today

About the project

opening night
Former Baldwin School and current UNCG students
gather at the exhibit opening night, May 3 2007.

In January 2007, nine graduate students in the public history program at the University of North Carolina Greensboro faced a photograph and a mission. Benjamin Filene, professor of our seminar on Public History Interpretation, handed us a photograph, borrowed from the Rosetta C. Baldwin Museum, and challenged us to bring it life by the end of the semester. Our task was to identify, locate, and interview the people in the photograph. Beginning with a handful of names, we pored through public records and reached out to the community to learn about the lives and times of the students of the Baldwin Chapel School, class of 1963.

Click here to hear reactions from former Baldwin students to their class photo.

The Baldwin Chapel School class of 1963 Courtesy Baldwin Museum
The Baldwin Chapel School class of 1963

The product of this research was an exhibit displayed during the summer 2007 at the High Point Museum.

Click here to listen to The State of Things radio program about the project.

This exhibit began with a single photograph—of the Baldwin Chapel School’s class of 1963. We, students ourselves, hoped the picture would speak louder than words. We wanted to learn about the students in this picture: their lives, their dreams, their hopes, and their fears. Forty years later, these students have taught us even more. 

 Class photo, by Benjamin Filene, 2007
Row 1: Kim Adkins and Ashley Black
Row 2: Jeremiah DeGennaro, Amanda Hughes,
and Hayley Chambers
Row 3: Jessica Armstrong, Laura Lawfer,
Brittany Lewis, and Stephanie Miller

The creators of the project would like to thank the following friends and helpers for making possible the sharing of these stories:
Louise Anderson, Elder Greg Baity, Baldwin’s Chapel Seventh-day Adventist Church (High Point), Beatrice Banks, Elder Donald Belton, Linda Boyd, Edith Brady, Jennifer Burns, David and Bertha Butler, Lonnie and Lisa Butler, Ray Butler, Alsean Cato, Glenn Chavis, Bobby Clark, Julius Clark, Lester Clark, Barbara Collier, Kristen Conn, Wyndell Earles, East Market Street Seventh-day Adventist Church (Greensboro), Jani Ervin, Frances Faust, Jeffrey Faust, Phyllis Gaddy, Elder Nathaniel Good, Martha Grier, Kathy Hardin, Frank Harrell, Jackie Hedstrom, High Point Visitors & Convention Bureau, Pauline Outlaw, Janice Payton, Pam Anderson Pegues, Stephan Rantz, DeCarlos and Marquita Rogers, Arnessa Smith, David Smith, Elizabeth Smith, Barbara Taylor, Deetra Thompson, Adrian Whicker, Sylvia Jackson Wilson, Eleanor Wonce, Terry Woolcombe, Wes Zimmer

We also thank the Rosetta C. Baldwin Museum and the High Point Museum for their generous support and cooperation.

Funding for this project was provided by the Office of Leadership and Service-Learning, University of North Carolina at Greensboro and the History Department of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

The website contains student-created resources. The University Libraries makes no claim as to the accuracy of the views or information presented herein.