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Description: * Provides over 49,000 ebooks (cover-to-cover, full-text books, including all images, maps, charts, footnotes, etc.). * Includes scholarly, professional, trade, and reference books. * You can read the books online, search for keywords through a single book or all the ebooks, and build your own virtual bookshelves. * All the eBooks on EbscoHost are also listed in the library catalog. Other ebook sources: * Project Gutenberg * Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts * Bartleby.com * The University of Pennsylvania Online Books Page
File format is PDF and HTML
Can print and email sections.
Ebooks time out after 30 minutes of inactivity
Citation assistance available
Troubleshooting -One known problem is when the ebook, page by page, opens up in a pop up Adode Acrobat window. This problem most likely can be remedied by opening your Adobe Acrobat program, go to EDIT and choose PREFERENCES then INTERNET, and check the box that says Open in browser's window.

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Other info: always proxy off-campus, NC Live, provides full text

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