About Music Online: Garland Encyclopedia of World Music
Description: Each volume contains an overview of the region, a survey of its musical heritage, traditions and themes; and a description of specific musical genres, practices, and performances. Articles include detailed photographs that show musicians, musical instrument, and the cultural context of dances, rituals, and ceremonies. Other images include drawings, maps, and musical examples for further study.

Each volume contains articles written by expert contributors in the field. The 10-volume set contains over 700 contributors.

Volume 1: Africa, edited by Ruth Stone
Volume 2: South America, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean, edited by Dale A Olsen, Daniel E Sheehy
Volume 3: The United States and Canada, edited by Ellen Koskoff
Volume 4: Southeast Asia, edited by Terry E Miller, Sean Williams
Volume 5: South Asia: The Indian Subcontinent, edited by Alison Arnold
Volume 6: The Middle East, edited by Virginia Danielson, Dwight Reynolds, Scott Marcus
Volume 7: East Asia: China, Japan, Korea, edited by Robert C Provine, Yosihiko Tokumaru, J. Lawrence Witzleben
Volume 8: Europe, edited by Timothy Rice, James Porter, Chris Goertzen
Volume 9: Australia and the Pacific Islands, edited by J.W. Love, Adrienne Kaeppler
Volume 10: The World's Music: General Perspectives and Reference Tools, edited by Ruth Stone

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