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  • The most complete indexing database for education and related topics.
  • Indexes more than 1,000 journals, as well as research and technical reports, curriculum and teaching guides, conference papers, dissertations, and books.
  • How to find the full text of items listed in the ERIC database.
  • Covers adult, career, and vocational education information, technology assessment and evaluation, language and linguistics, counseling, special education, reading and communication, educational management, teacher and teacher education, elementary and early childhood education, urban education, higher education, and more.
  • Includes web links to the full text of selected ERIC Documents (ED numbers).
  • ERIC now provides lists of microfiche available in electronic format through its Microfiche Digitization Project.

Dates of Coverage: 1/1/1967 through present

Truncation Symbol: *

Concurrent Users: unlimited

Other info: always proxy off-campus, provides full text

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