About Colección Revolución 1910-1921
Description: This collection was collected and collated by members of the Committee on Historical Research of the Mexican Revolution, under the direction of Isidro Fabela in 1958, in preparation for the publication of historical documents on the Mexican Revolution. This collection reproduces documents from various archives, under the protection of the Archivo General de la Nación, and is divided into the following documentary series: (1) The Flores Brothers revolutionary activities MAGO: movement Comun in the Baja California region; (2) Revolution and regime Madero: correspondence, reports and military activities, reports on the political situation in some States; (3) Emiliano Zapata, the Plan of Ayala and his agrarian policy: land deals, reports of troops and mail operations; (4) Revolution and regime Constitutionalist: circulars, laws, decrees and manifestos; and, (5) Sovereign revolutionary Convention: together prior to the sessions and sessions held 1914-1915.

Dates of Coverage: 1910-1921

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