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Description: Gale Primary Sources greatly enhances the research experience for students and researchers by broadening their discovery of primary source documents through the use of multiple search options and powerful research tools. By building a seamless research environment for multiple collections, Gale is creating the largest digital humanities and social sciences resource in the world. The Gale Primary Sources cross-search interface provides access to millions of pages of content spanning many centuries and geographic regions. Users can explore a wide range of content including monographs, manuscripts, newspapers, photographs, maps, and more. Your library may have access to extensive archives such as Eighteenth Century Collections Online; newspaper archives such as British Library Newspapers; subject-based archives such as Crime, Punishment, and Popular Culture 1790-1920; archives of historical literature such as American Fiction 1774-1920; and micro-archives from the Archives Unbound series. For additional details about which digital archives are included in your library’s Gale Primary Sources interface, check the What’s Inside page. As Gale continues to create additional digital archives, we will automatically add the content to the Gale Primary Sources cross-search experience.

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