Copyright, always a concern in a research university environment, has become a much larger issue in recent years with the rise of the internet and online learning. This website is designed as a copyright resource for UNCG faculty members concerned with copyright issues surrounding both teaching and research.

Copyright Basics

Overview of U.S. Copyright Law
The term "copyright" actually refers to a bundle of rights created and protected by federal statute.

Creative Commons
Creative Commons is a nonprofit organization that provides model licenses and support for the open sharing of creative resources.

Determining Copyright Status
Resources and definitions.

Resources and Contacts
UNCG contacts who can help you with your questions.

Information for Instructors

Fair Use and the Classroom
Use of copyrighted material in the classroom generally falls under two different areas: displaying and copying.

Online Classes and the TEACH Act
The TEACH Act, passed in 2002, updates existing copyright law to address the issue of displaying copyrighted material in digital classroom settings.

Video in the Classroom
Best practices for using video in physical and online settings.

Some Common Classroom Use Scenarios
Several common scenarios that seem to crop up fairly frequently.

Information for Authors

Copyright and Scholarly Communication
Scholarly communication and intellectual property ownership issues.

Information for Students

Student Copyright Resources
A collection of resources for students on copyright, plagiarism, and citation.