Walter Clinton Jackson Library - Locations of Materials

Jackson Library contains the bulk of the University Libraries' collection. Most items are located within the stacks. Compare the first capital letters of the call number to the following table to find out on what floor books, bound journals, and other materials are shelved.

The number identifies the floor - "Tower" is the 9-floor tower at the back of the library - "Main" is the 3-floor brick building at the front of the library. For further information or assistance call the Jackson Library Check Out Desk at 336.334.5304, 336.334.5245, or toll-free at 888.245.0180.

Call # begins:Location:
ATower 5
B, CTower 9
D-DSTower 8
DT-DZTower 3
ETower 8
FTower 7
G-GTTower 7
GVTower 5
H-HETower 7
HF-HXTower 6
JTower 6
KTower 5
LTower 4
MHarold Schiffman Music Library - 100 McIver St.
NTower 4
P-PQTower 3
PR-PTTower 2
PZTower 5
QTower 5
RTower 9
S, TTower 4
U, VTower 6
ZTower 5
Note: Call numbers preceded by lowercase "f" and "ff" are located at the far left-hand side of the floor matching the first capital letters in the call number.

Other Collections:Location:
Current LiteratureMain 1 Lobby
Government InformationAsk at Reference Desk
Instructional Films & TechnologyAsk at Check Out Desk
Jewish Studies Reading RoomTower 9
Kirby-Smith Poetry NookMain 1 Reading Room
MicroformsMain Lower Level
Paperbacks (P-B)Main 1 Reading Room
Reading RoomMain 1
Reference RoomMain 1
ReservesTower 1 Check Out Desk
Special CollectionsMain 2 Hodges Reading Room
Storage ItemsAsk at Check Out Desk
Technology (varies by type and location)Technology Checkout
University ArchivesMain 2 Hodges Reading Room
Young Adult/Graphic Novel CollectionMain 1 Lobby