The Many Faces of Minerva

1894 Diploma

1897 Diploma

1898 Diploma

1900 Diploma

1902 Diploma

1904 Diploma

1905 Diploma

1907 Diploma

1914 Diploma

1919 Diploma

1921 Diploma

From 1921 Pine Needles yearbook

1922 Diploma

From 1923 Pine Needles yearbook

1926 Diploma

From 1926-27 Bulletin of Courses

1929 Diploma

1930 Diploma

1936 Diploma

1937 Diploma

From the 1943 Bulletin of Courses

1945 Diploma

From the Cover of the 1949 Pine Needles yearbook

A stylised image from inside the 1949 Pine Needles yearbook

A proof of the seal used during the "Consolidated University" years marked 1951

Decal circa 1958

Sheet from notepad circa 1958

Decal circa 1960

Seal from the 1960s

Seal from 1961 Commencement Booklet

Seal from 1961 Commencement Program

1962 Diploma

Letterhead from the "Consolidated University" period - Letter dated 1963

1963 Official Seal - still used today

Image from Inside of the 1963 Pine Needles yearbook

Image from Inside of the 1964 Pine Needles yearbook

Image from the cover of the 1964 Pine Needles yearbook

Unofficial seal used on 1973 Commencement Program

Proof sheet for Seals used on University Mace - dated 1977

This exhibit showcases just some of the many images of Minerva found in the University Archives. Many of the earliest images are from the seals used on diplomas. The images seemed to vary almost yearly early on and then changed with every name change. In addition to seals found on diplomas, images from letterhead, decals, yearbooks, programs, and course bulletins are included. Note the variety in the images varies greatly and in some cases such as the year 1961, there are multiple seals in use at the same time!