Garden Clubs in Greensboro

Sedgefield Garden Club member assisting resident of Maryfield Nursing Home for the Club's garden therapy project, 1992

Sedgefield Garden Club's garden therapy project at the Maryfield Nursing Home, 1994

Flower beds at the Maryfield Nursing Home, 1994

Sedgefield Garden Club member assisting resident at the Maryfield Nursing Home water flower beds, 2009

Sedgefield Youth Garden Club fall planting, 2008

Sedgefield Garden Club flower arrangement workshop, 1997

Flower arrangements created by the Sedgefield Garden Club, top left: 1995; remaining images: 2001

Garden tour during the Sedgefield Garden Club's April meeting, 2002

Flower arrangement workshop held by Tar Heel Garden Club, 1982

Opening of the Bicentennial Garden, October 21, 1976

The Tar Heel Garden Club helping kindergartners plant a garden at their school, 1989

Tar Heel Garden Club members assistng residents of a local assisted living facility plant flowers, 1999

Garden tour, 1991

Flower arrangement, 1998

Bird houses for Habitat for Humanity workshop, 1999

Certificate of Honor presented to the Tar Heel Garden Club in 2002.

There are a number of garden clubs in Greensboro that work together and individually to keep the community beautiful and to encourage interest in and love for gardening. Two such garden clubs--the Sedgefield Garden Club and the Tar Heel Garden Club-- have donated their records, scrapbooks, and photographs to the Martha Blakeney Hodges Special Collections and University Archives.

The Sedgefield Garden Club was established in 1953, with the intention of expanding knowledge of gardening and flower arrangement. The club's most notable activities include its garden therapy project at the Mayfield Nursing Home--for which it has won several garden therapy awards-- and its sponsorship of a youth garden club. The Sedgefield Garden Club also holds workshops on flower arrangement, and members have demonstrated the skills they have learned by participating in flower shows and other events held by the Greensboro Council of Gardens.

The Tar Heel Garden Club was established in 1954, with five goals: 1) Stimulate the knowledge and love of gardening 2) Encourage the beautification of grounds and garden 3) Aid whenever possible in the preservation of native trees, wild flowers, birds and animals 4) Encourage civic planters 5) Work in conjunction with other Garden Clubs in the city. The club has assisted with the creation of the Greensboro Arboretum and the Bicentennial Park, as well as other projects sponsored by Greensboro Beautiful. In addition, members have helped children plant a garden at their school and have participated in flowers shows.

Both clubs remain active in the community today.