Borrowing from Other Libraries

UNCG students, faculty, and staff, if the University Libraries does not have what you’re looking for ...

Interlibrary Loan (I.L.L.)

  • Our Interlibrary Loan service will find and retrieve materials from other libraries for all UNCG students, faculty and staff.
  • Most interlibrary loan requests are free for UNCG faculty, staff, and students.
  • See the ILL webpages for details.

Cooperative Borrowing

  • Use your UNCG ID card to borrow materials, in person, from many nearby college and university libraries.
  • Participants are subject to the borrowing policies of the lending library.
  • See a complete list of participating libraries below.

Greensboro Public Library

UNCG faculty, staff, and students living on campus, in Guilford County or any county that touches Guilford County can apply for a library card from the Greensboro Public Library at any branch. On campus residents can show their SpartanCard. Off campus residents can show a photo ID with their current address or a photo ID and something that has their current address such as a check book or piece of mail. For UNCG faculty, staff and students living outside of these counties, referral letters for specific materials unavailable in the University Libraries are available at the Check Out Desk in Jackson Library.

State Library of North Carolina

Before you go…

Most (but not all) of the libraries at these the schools participate in the agreements specified below. Before traveling to another library, we suggest these steps:

  • Check the lending library’s Online Catalog and website for availability and hours.
  • Contact UNCG first, to verify your account and item eligibility, 336.334.5304.
  • Call the lending library to verify item availability and hours of service for visitors.

OCLC Reciprocal Faculty Borrowing (faculty only)

  • UNCG faculty may borrow, in person, from more than 150 participating OCLC academic research libraries.
  • Participants are subject to the borrowing policies of the lending library.
  • To participate, UNCG faculty must apply for an OCLC card at the Check Out Desk in Jackson Library. 
  • Cards are issued on an academic year basis, expiring each academic year at the end of August. 
  • Once the card is issued, the faculty member can take the card, along with photo ID, to any of the participating institutions, where they will be required to register for borrowing privileges at that institution.
  • Note:  if you are traveling or stationed outside of Greensboro and need this service, please call the Check Out Desk, 336.334.5304 or 888.245.0180 (toll free). We will attempt to arrange privileges for you via telephone.

Schools participating in Cooperative Borrowing Agreements with UNCG

Current UNCG students, faculty and staff, whose library accounts are in good standing, can borrow directly from UNC system and TALA (Triad Academic Library Association) libraries. Borrowing directly requires your UNCG ID card, and may require your 9 digit UNCG ID number. Each library may have its own procedures for verifying eligibility, and restrictions on borrowing. You will have to register at each library, and may have to update your registration each semester. You will be subject to the policies of the lending institutions, and responsible for returning items to each library.

To borrow, take your UNCG ID card and 9 digit UNCG ID number to the main library of the campus. Inform the check out desk staff that you are a UNCG student, faculty, or staff and want to borrow materials. Staff may ask you to validate your current UNCG status and that your library account is in good standing by asking you to log in to UNCG's "My Library Account" and to show it to them, or they may telephone the Jackson Library Check Out Desk. Once they have verified your standing, they will guide you through their registration process.

UNC System Schools Reciprocal Borrowing

TALA (Triad Academic Library Association) Schools

See the TALA Privileges Chart for more detailed borrowing and loan period information.

Other Schools


Please contact the Libraries if you have any questions or concerns. We will be glad to try to assist you.