Book Ordering Calendar

By ordering at planned levels through the year, the Acquisitions Department spends funds responsibly, maintains a consistent workflow, and increases the timeliness and percentage of order fulfillment.

Final departmental allocations announced for current fiscal year (FY). First monthly budget report sent to departments
August 31
Departments should have 25% of allocation encumbered/expended.
September 30
Additional 10% encumbered (minimum); total 35%
October 31
Additional 10% encumbered; total 45%
November 30
Additional 10% encumbered; total 55%
December 31
Additional 10% encumbered; total 65%
January 31
Additional 10% encumbered; total 75%
February 28
Additional 10% encumbered; total 85%
March 31
Additional 10% encumbered; total 95%
Liaisons and Faculty Representatives notified to review all orders on hand in Acquisitions and establish new priorities if needed.
April 15
Last day Acquisitions will accept book requests from departments for current FY.
Additional 5% encumbered; total 100%
Once departmental funds are fully encumbered, book orders submitted will be applied to the next FY. Any funds not encumbered by April 15 may be transferred to the library resources pool.
June 15
Funds expended; ready for fiscal closing in system
June 30
End of current FY
July 1
Beginning of new FY